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Discovering Orcerta

Hello and welcome!   I'm so glad you've found your way to my compendiums and are interested in joining me on a journey through Orcerta, the amazing continent I call home.
My name is Edwin Fuchswald and I'm the humble author of these compendiums.
In these books, you'll discover everything from the tiniest plants to the grandest animals, as well as stunning man-made structures and the most incredible displays of Signum.
I hope you'll enjoy exploring Orcerta with me.

Here are a few suggested sections to start with:  
  Go here to learn about the continent itself:

  Here you find the advanced species living in Orcerta:  

The enchanting practice known as Signum:  

-My favourite animals:

My favourite plants:

Interesting Places:

Famous or interesting people I met:


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