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The Lovers of Melora

The Wildrim Islands sit just off the coast of Auldsod. 4 Islands make up this landscape they are
and Oghma   On the Island of Oghma a Fey crossing can be found. However it is guarded by two Wyverns. The following legend explains who these Wyverns are and why they stand guard at the Fey Crossing..   "A long time ago, there were 4 Brothers. Gods of the Ancient world. They went as they pleased and their hearts were their own. Until they discovered Melora. The goddess of Nature. All 4 fell instantly in love. Each desired to possess her. They competed for her love and attention as playful rivals.   Finding an empty spot of ocean, These 4 brother gods created Islands in her honor to win her affection. The first brother, Taliesin, forged a north island Seeking to showcase her beautiful creations thru song. And so he filled it with song. Soothing bird sounds, the calm rhythm of the Ocean Tides, The Crickets of night. For only so lovely a creature could create such beautiful music with her creations. Melora looked on the island and smiled, but it did not win her heart.   Two of the other Brothers, Known as Herne and Teranus, each forged their own islands of pure natural beauty. The filled it with spectacularly large trees and soft rolling hills and gentle creatures great and small. They chose only the most beautiful and wonderful aspects of nature to inhabit their island. Again Melora smiled upon their master work, But neither island won her affection.   The final brother, known as Oghma, was wiser than the rest. He knew that Nature was beautiful and gentle but could also be ugly and cruel. He wisely knew of the dichotomy of nature bringing wonderful creation and terrible destruction. And so he forged an Island that showed both sides of Melora. Harsh mountains and inhospitable volcanoes dot the landscape along with beautiful lush green greenery. Harsh storms and calm seas come and go and live in constant flux. For that is the duality of nature herself. She giveth and she taketh away.   Melora looked upon this creation and beamed with elation. She embraced Oghma and gave him a kiss. And she opened a portal to the Feywild on his island and bid him join her there. And so the two were joined as lovers for all time. Learning of their union, Herne and Teranus became enraged with jealously. Their jealously festered within them twisting them. It eventually transformed their bodies into hideous monsters. And it is said They sit and guard the entrance still to this day. Terrorizing anyone who seeks an entrance to the realm of their scorned Lover. Therefore the entrance to the fey wild is unspeakably dangerous. And SO I wish you luck on entering.

Historical Basis

This myth serves as a sort of creation story for the Wildrim Islands. The story is often told through song as is the tradition for these people.    It can not be known empirically if these two Wyverns are indeed twisted versions of gods or not.  More than likely the glowing energies of the waters is what attracts the creatures to this spot.


As the people of the Wildrim Islands are one of the most isolated and remote locations in this country. This myth not well known in the mainland. Every man, woman, and child living on the Wildrim Islands know this tale however.

In Art

The Rune Singers of the Wildrim Islands pass on their myths and legends through song. This myth is no different. Often recited with a melody and dulcimer accompaniment.

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