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The Wordreach

Some say information is power, and the Demon Empire would be cross to refute that. In order to keep its and its citizens' ears open, an organisation was molded to handle and transmit all manner of informations throughout the realm. Linking each City-State and captured stronghold with a postal service, the Wordreach is a trusted governmental organisation.   Through the effective use of Travelers , Skywalkers, messenger birds and caravans, the Wordreach can share the latest news to the populace of the Imperial kind. Orators achieve the chain once they orally distribute the latest news to the populace massing in the forums.   Battle reports, new Archdemons, promotions, food distribution and monster activities. The reports given by Spreaders and their Orators are heavily controlled by the governors, though there is leeway with the more local news.

Public Agenda

The goal of the Wordreach is to allow the free transit of information as quickly as possible Within Imperial territory. Few informations actually need censuring in Demon Culture, for they do not believe in keeping the populace dumb and soothed. As such, truth and speed are the word of the day.


Transporting messages for a fee is the main method of, but not the most profitable. The Demon governors who handle their Wordreach networks are the one financing the organisation.   The Wordreach has a lot of personnel, sized according to the City-State considered. They have second priority when hiring from Traveller-schools or battle schools, just below the Demon Legion.

What befalls shall reach all

Founding Date
Civil Services

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