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"He's mine... I made him... He's mine..." Sérêne, lamenting her fate.
The manipulative and unhinged mother of Lance Valeure, Hero of Fortern. Sérêne was a successfull lady of the new pleasure district of Sang-Fond. Her meeting with a Hero transformed her as she tried to gain his affection at any cost. Once pregnant with a heroic child, she cut all ties to her former friends and began an abusive relationship with her young boy, away from prying eyes. For years, everything went according to plan with Lance becoming dependent on her "love" and hiding his Heroic features.   The plan collapsed however, Sérêne was harshly punished by the Fortern Kingdom whose Knights were disappointed to be refused such a gifted child. They took Lance away from the crazed mother and tried to reverse the damage done.   At the moment, the Fortern Kingdom has increased its search for Hero descendants and seeks to tear down infrastructures built according to Demon culture. As such, brothels were disbanded throughout the land. As a result, the old mother was fully out of a job, having to illegaly attract customers while her beauty faded more each year away from her son.

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