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Montbain, the Calm Town

Montbain is the fourth largest city in the Fortern Kingdom. Located north-west, nearing the capital Sang-Fond but quite distant from the Fana Forest.   A brick-laden city sitting atop a lonely hill surrounded by grassland. Montbain is a typical exemple of Eastern realm settlement. Since most forests are a death trap of mana-infused monsters, the wisest choice is to build city away from them, but close to water. Where other cultures build highly fortified city states, the Eeastern realms disseminate havens in the more opened territories.   Montbain's history is old, but lacking in special event, due to its distance to the frontier and any dangerous locations. The Conquest didn't destroy any important landmark or end up in a slaughter of the population. The city is mostly known for being the Adventurer's Guild's headquarters in Fortern.


Mostly human city.


A rolling hill covered in individual houses. Larger structures are placed at the top of the heights. Access to a river that half-circles it.
62 000 people.
Inhabitant Demonym
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