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Halbefrenbrodt is a Halfling dish consisting of stale bread fried in a mixture of egg, milk, butter, and often sugar and cinnamon. It is a staple at Cantonova-style brunches. To make halbefrenbrodt, slices of stale bread are soaked in a bowl of an egg-and-cream mixture that usually contains salt and other seasonings (most typically sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, though these are sometimes replaced with savory seasonings). The soaked bread slices are fried in a pan with butter until golden brown on both sides.   Halbefrenbrodt is an iconic halfling dish, emblematic of the peoples' optimism and thriftiness. It is a simple, easy-to-prepare recipe that uses common ingredients to elevate what would otherwise be a less-than-optimal base (in this case, stale bread). The egg and milk soften a hard bread into something much more palatable, even desirable. The name "halbefrenbrodt" comes from the old lowland Common name that humans gave to the earliest halflings, which roughly translates to "half-sized friend."   When prepared at home, halbefrenbrodt is usually topped with maple syrup, jam, or powdered sugar. More complex versions (such as those at high-end restaurants) use seasonal fruit and whipped cream instead of or in addition to these toppings. Savory versions of halbefrenbrodt are possible, prepared with salt, pepper, and simple herbs like parsley in the egg mixture instead of sugar. This version is topped with mayonnaise and tomato jam, and often served beside sausage.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Raw materials & Components
bread, egg, butter, sugar, cinnamon or other spices, syrup or other toppings


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