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Quailstone (settlement)

As the little ones protect our homes, the huge Quailstones protect our villages, towns, communes and cities.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Quailstone is always hewn from local stone and then is ritually blessed by not only a priest of Phasia, but all of the settlements founding members. The blessing requires yearly maintenance, and regardless of the material it is carved from, an untended Quailstone quickly takes on an air of ruin.


Almost every established settlement on Onus has some variation of a Quailstone at its heart. [Phasia] gives their blessing to keep the creep of the Wilds at bay.


A Quailstone is considered the foundation of the whole settlement (very large cities may even have a few). They not only act as a form of protection for the town, they also become something of a mascot and a record of the denizens of the town. Most towns will decorate with paint and even drape their Quailstone in garlands, and it's common when a family moves to a new town for them to sign their family name somewhere on the Quailstone, creating something of a census on it.
Subtype / Model
At least a story tall in most cases.

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