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Magic and Runestone

A World Saturated with Color

Whether it be through stone or symbol, wizardry or shaping, or through the land itself. Runes are the essence and language of magic, and every spell is a story.


agic is a force that has existed since the beginning of time and will continue to exist until its end. It comes from the stars. As abundant as the air we breathe and as vital as blood. It's a force that anyone can at least feel and begin to control, but only those who train can harness and weave masterfully.


From the Stars

Okay but like, How?

Nebulas are the purest forms of magical energy in existence. You can see them as clear as stars during the night, all in different shapes, sizes, forms, and colors. While these factors don't really affect the magic itself, they do influence how different cultures use it. Currently, there are 5 that surround the world and a common belief among Elves in Shinzo is that they're the souls of the Elder Dragons, silently watching over the world they created.

Magic exists in Oniran thanks to the rings of pure Runestone that channel the energy into the world. From the stars came magic, and from magic came Oniran.

Goldrak's Horn
Goldrak's Horn
Runes come in two forms, the minerals used to conduct magic and the Symbols used to convert that magic into a usable form. The way these are used vary between cultures, but all magic in Oniran comes from Runes regardless.



Runestone is a mineral that conducts magical energy better than anything else, it can be found almost anywhere and in many shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. While not particularly rare, they are a coveted treasure for adventurers or those of high social status. However, even though Runestone can conduct magical energy, they are fundamentally useless without their symbols.



Runes are the inscriptions that convert magic into something usable, such as spells. Learning magic is essentially learning a language, given that you're capable of learning it in the first place. The shape of these symbols vary based on the element of the spell you're trying to cast, and more complex combinations can result in casting stronger and more intricate spells.


How Magic is Used



Elves see magic as an art. Beautiful, otherworldly, the greatest offense and the greatest defense.

Wildshaping is an imitation of Draconic magic; using both body and blade to form the Runes needed to cast spells.

To those watching, it seems almost like a dance. Elves see it as a dance with dragons, and the Samurai who practice it are revered.

Valkyr (WIP)


To Valkyr, Magic is simply a part of nature, no different than the Circle of Life or Survival of the Fittest.

They can tap into the spirits of the Wild to bolster their strength and augment their abilities through Soul-Bonding.

This comes from the "tattoos" that Valkyr are born with, it's the key to their magic and an important aspect of their culture.



Knights study the Runes, learning how they interact with the world and how they form spells.

They wear Runic Gear for easy access to cast said-spells, the gear also serves as another way to express themselves during everyday life.

Practitioners of magic in Knight culture are called Wizards, the equivalent of having a PhD in Magic.

This isn't just WIP, it's THE WIP. WIP 2. This lore is literally always changing but what's written here are the bits that've stayed the most consistent.

The Color Pie

Nature, Fire, and Water are the Core Elements. They're the easiest to learn and the combinations made with them can form any other Element you can think of.

The element of Strength, the Wild, and the Persistence of Life.

  • Nature Runes are stiff, thick, and drawn with purpose. They emulate the fortified trees, unbreakable rocks, and the stalwart beasts of the wild.


The element of Emotion, Survival, and a Passion for making yourself known.

  • Fire runes are sharp and chaotic, as if they're drawn with slashes and cuts. They take the shapes of mountains, blades, and flames. It's not about looking pretty, it's about sending a message.


The element of Unity, Wisdom, and the Pursuit of Knowledge.

  • Water Runes ebb and flow like wind and waves, a master of Water is a master of calligraphy and balance.


Life and Death are a bit more complicated. With a great deal of effort, Death can still be learned and potentially mastered. Life on the other hand is extremely hard to learn and almost impossible to master.


The element of Decay, Light and Dark, and the Inevitability of Death.

  • Death Runes can resemble any Element, usually Water, drawn in pitch-black ink. Users of Death magic should be feared.


The element of Space, Time, and Healing.

  • Life Runes are Constellations, potentially infinitely complex and intertwined.

Master Jontaro

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