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Each hex on the map is 12 miles across from corner to corner, representing an area just under 95 square miles. The hexes are used to track the party’s movement while exploring, and as a means to help define the extent of different types of terrain. The exploration rates presented in these rules differ from the standard travel rates, since characters are also assumed to be taking time to fully explore each area they enter, which takes a great deal longer than simply walking through it.

To determine how long it takes the PCs to travel through a hex or fully explore it, determine the group’s base speed (set by the slowest member of the group) and consult the tables below. These times represent the movement and exploration of a normal hex of the specified terrain type; rules presented later in this section modify the amount of time it takes to travel through or fully explore a hex.


Exploration Rewards

Whenever a hex is explored fully, the party earns between 100 and 300 XP for the effort. Some modifiers can add to this amount. The party gains an additional 25 XP after fully exploring a hex that contains either difficult terrain or a hazard.


Exploration Speed

Party Speed Plains or Hill Desert, Forest, or Marsh Mountain
25 2 days 3 days 4 days
30 1.5 days 2 days 3 days

Travel Speed

Once a square is explored or if the party decides to just cross it the easiest way they can find, they can more through it using the following speeds. These speeds are miles per hour.


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