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Downtime Activities

The list below is an non-exaustive list of the things you can do during the next 3 in-game months downtime and some events that will take place during that time.  


  • The Observatory at the top of the tower
  • The Tower's Library
  • The Tower's Aviary
  • The Tower's Workshop
  • The Tower's Inner Sanctum
  • Any technology that you have access to improve or discover
  • The Source of Magic in Anvil and How it works
  • Ways to expand the effect of the tower
  • Research spells
  • The Relationship between the planes of existance and its nature
  • Exploration


    Construction & Infrastructure

  • The Gold Mine
  • Upgrade your settlements
  • Create new settlements
  • Build Roads
  • Divert Rivers
  • Build Bridges
  • Build Production Buildings
  • Build Storage / Trade and Distribution Buildings
  • Build Military Buildings
  • Training

  • Train your army
  • Train Specialists
  • Train yourselves
  • Production

  • Create Equipment for you and your specialist
  • Help and enchance the production of resources


  • Build Temples / Shrines
  • Educate the people
  • Convert the people
  • Exploration

  • Explore the surrounding areas
  • Send envoys to far away lands

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