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Castrovel the Green Planet, is the second planet from Golarion's sun and the blue planet's closest neighbor.
  While Akiton is generally associated with warfare, Castrovel often represents fertility and lust. These generalizations are well-founded, as the planet is almost entirely covered in teeming jungles, endless swamps, and strange clouds of colored gas.
  The abundance of life across its surface leads to huge trees and enormous creatures, many of them predatory. Its humid atmosphere, while technically biocompatible with Golarion, spawns incomparably powerful storms; living moldstorms that ravage its moistest climates consume any organic matter in their wake.


A shota-mounted lashunta warrior looks out upon Castrovel's magnificent landscape. The planet is dominated by a race of psychic matriarchal humanoids called lashunta. Lashuntas are split into two subspecies called damaya and korasha; lashuntas choose which subspecies they will develop into when they hit puberty. The damaya are tall, intellectual and usually take on leadership roles while the korasha are shorter, broader and focus more on manual labour. Both damaya and korasha have a cultural obsession with scholarship and self-improvement.
  Riding enormous lizard steeds, lashuntas patrol the edges of their city-states, driving off the dangerous fauna of the foetid jungles.
Inhabiting Species


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