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al'Tyr (altir)

al'Tyr is the lifeblood of the Found Lands and the glue that keeps the patchwork of the stolen part of tens of worlds together.

al'Tyr is the untamed magical energy that gushes from artesian magical wells across the land and powers thousand of blood-vessel like leylines connecting all things around the world.

This otherwise invisible, odourless and tasteless material, in some cases interacts with the world in subtle ways when things are directly to its stronger veins. It can make stones shine in the dark, plants and animals grow quickly or in some cases mutate when around it.

Very little is known about its properties and many mages have tried to unlock its secrets in the past and failed. What is certainly known is that in the world of Anvil, al'Tyr is the reason that the found lands are kept together. The energy seems to bring the lands close and bind them in relative harmony. Distruptions in the flow of al'Tyr are known to shake the bonds between the lands and cause cataclysmic effects.

Al'tyr is the source of most arcane magic in Anvil. Any arcane caster that wishes to cast a spell needs to be in proximity with one of the veins and have the ability to coax the al'Tyr to flow through them. It takes some time for mages from transferred lands to get used ot it but once they do they are able to manipulate and some cases use the al'Tyr for much greater effect than they previously could.

It is theorized that somewhere under the connected plates of the lands there is a "heart" that pumps the vibrating al'Tyr through the everflowing "veins" of the world through the wells that penetrate the world and thread it together but, to this day nobody has been able to prove that. It seems that this theory stems mostly from the fact that there is a clear and visible comparison between the ley lines that looks like veins in the ground and sky and most animal veins physiology


Almost the whole spectrum but more commonly light blue and purple
Common State


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