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General knowledge

Silverkeep is the city of Mountain Elves and Drow Elves, co-inhabited by many other races such as Dwarves, Gnomes and Goliaths. The inhabitants of the city of Silverkeep are called Telepsians, named after the city's Elven name. The occasional Aarakocra can be seen wandering through the city selling products from their town. Aarakocra don't tend to stay in the city for too long as they long back to their hometown quickly more often than not. Silverkeep in and of itself is a city that lends itself well to all different races in the region, having specific accommodations adapted to most races. The city in and of itself is one of the oldest in the entirety of Omarthia, having gone through many modes of development throughout the years. This city had existed for many years before humans came to be in the world of Omarthia.  


The main export from the city is Silver, with sparing amounts of Adamantine and Mithral being exported from time to time. The Silver is exported either in raw form, ingot form or finished jewellery products. Weaponry is seldom made in the city itself but can be acquired if the right price is paid. Being the region's political capital, many traders come to the city to sell their wares and acquire silver products. This, however, is not always seen as a positive thing by the city. Many so-called traders actually try to swindle the inhabitants with products that are worth next to nothing but are sold at an extreme premium. Silverkeep is a relatively rich city due to its main exports being expensive metals and jewellery. Silverkeep is the region's political centre with the added benefit of creating a good amount of high-income households. While there is a bit of poverty within the city, the poorest groups in Silverkeep can trust a support system started in the city a long time ago.


This city is a peace-loving city, with minimal fighting between inhabitants and other cities. However, this does not mean that they are defenceless, receiving plenty of help from the City of Mist in dire times when they cannot protect themselves. They do also have their own militia, like many other big cities in Omarthia. This militia is mostly tasked with protecting the regional government, taken very seriously. The militia itself is a volunteer force that many young men sign up for. This military force consists of many Goliaths coming from the mountains near Silverkeep. These Goliaths have made a trip towards the city of Silverkeep due to the promise of financial stability and support for their families back in the mountains. This is true for many of the higher-ranked officials in the military, but not for the low-lying footsoldiers that the Goliaths would start as. The militia in the city is mostly led by Drow commanders that have been in the military for many generations. They are rarely seen on the battlefield and lead fights from a safe distance in their encampments. This is regarded as normal by the city's militia but seen as barbaric and outright odd by many military cities and regions.  


Silverkeep is known, as the name implies, for its production of silver. This includes raw ore, ingots and finished jewellery. Most of the ore is taken from the Mines of Omarthia, which is connected to the City of Mist, both cities however work and mine on another level so they don't mine each other ores. Occasionally silver or silvered weaponry is crafted within the city. This is often done by masters of the forge, mostly dwarves from the City of Mist . Adamantine and Mithral are two rarer exports from the city but can be bought at a premium at many dwarven weapons- and armoursmiths. The elves of Silverkeep are exceptionally skilled at creating jewellery and enchanting it with different types of magic. These enchantments are either done at the discretion of the enchanter and crafter or be ordered specifically by anyone wishing to procure a specific enchanted item. The prices of this reflect the enchantment level and are limited to what the enchanters are allowed and able to do. The jewellery can range from rings to necklaces and, on some occasions, even body piercings. On request, the jewellery can be crafted in another metal of choice. This can increase or decrease the price by quite a margin. Some metals may increase or decrease the ability to enchant the piece of jewellery. Weapons and armour are also able to be enchanted in this city. These items require a larger amount of expertise, something that not every enchanter has and not every person would be able to pay for or be allowed to request in the city. Enchanting weapons and armour without the proper expertise or people not cleared for requesting enchanted weapons is a large crime within the city and can be punishable by fine or repeated offence, a prison sentence. The fine or prison sentence is dependant on what the enchantment on the item is and at times on the reason why it was enchanted.


Most of Silverkeep is a mountain-side city, with occasional spurts of in-mountain building. The buildings are a mingling between elven and dwarven structures. The city has been built by dwarves and elves alike but is now inhabited mostly by elves. Most of the recent buildings are built in an elven style, even the inhabited buildings meant for Aarakocra, Goliaths and Gnomes. There are specific building types available for every one of the aforementioned races, with all of them having a few differences for them to work well. For example, Aarakocra homes and buildings are well-suited to the race's avian nature. Therefore, the buildings have both entrances on the ground floor and fly-in entrances up higher. This adaptation of buildings to suit as many races as possible is why the Telepsians are so well-loved in the region. Many Telepsians are seen as accommodating and caring for many of the races that pass through the region and city of Silverkeep.


Another point of interest in Silverkeep is that is often seen as the gateway to the The Ever-Reaching Highlands. This, combined with the large amounts of taverns and accommodations that are available and provided for most races in Omarthia, makes it the perfect starting place for a journey throughout The Ever-Reaching Highlands or as a resting point to travel towards the Aarakocra city of Cliff's Edge. A large amount of money is made by the provision of accommodation for travellers as well as providing them with food and drink for their stay and their continued travels through The Ever-Reaching Highlands or towards Cliff's Edge.

General Law

Laws in Silverkeep are comparatively the same as in the rest of the region, with a few exceptions in terms of enchanting. With the high amount of enchanters, there are a few restrictions to prevent illegal or dangerous magic from being imbued into jewellery, weapons or armour. Every enchanter can procure a licence to enchant from the enchantment governing body of Omarthia, located in the city of Silverkeep. Without this enchanting licence, an enchanter would not be allowed to enchant anything, however small the enchantment or item may be. If an item is enchanted without a licence, a fine can be given by the court of Silverkeep to both the enchanter and the person who has ordered it. If the enchanter or the person ordering the item is a repeat offender, there is a chance for a heightened fine or even a prison sentence. The general court of law in Silverkeep is one of the highest regarded courts of law in the entirety of Omarthia. Some of the biggest trials have been held in this court throughout a lot of the history of Silverkeep and Omarthia. War-crimes are often put to trial in Silverkeep at the Omarthian Court of Law, as it is a neutral city in wars most of the time, running the trial with very little to no bias to either party.
Founding Date
345 BHC
Alternative Name(s)
Telepse Cheb
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


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