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City of Mist

Where the ore gets forged

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General Information

The Dwarven City of Mist is the home of the largest population of Dwarves in Omarthia. Accompanying the Dwarves in the city, Gnomes are also plentiful throughout here. These gnomes, however, are mostly immigrants from cities across Omarthia. It is the city where most of the ore from the mines gets melted into ingots and gets forged into tools, weapons and armour. This is done by both skilled Dwarves and Gnomes alike, both having their own specialities in the crafting and forging of many metal items. The city got its name due to the high amounts of steam and mist created by metals' quenching. The forges are held deep in the city, allowing the ore to be easily transported by gravity from the mines throughout long straight tunnels with mine carts. The forges' road is an easy one for the workers but a dangerous one for any non-workers. Workers can quickly get to the forges with innovative lift systems created by the City of Mist Engineering Guild. These Elevators are dual purposed and dual levelled, with one level being for personnel transport and the other level being used for materials such as ores, ingots and  


75% of the standing population in the City of Mist are Dwarves; the other 25% comprises a mix of Gnomes and a few other races. These other races are a minority and see fluctuations in their numbers quite often. Dwarves make up most of the city's higher classes, mostly to do with their inheritance of founding this city. Gnomes arrived later and make up good amounts of the working class that have worked and are still working on technological improvements in the City of Mist and the larger general region.  


The City of Mist has its own government, with a healthy mix of Gnomes and Dwarves. Both Dwarves and Gnomes have their own representatives in the government, spread out according to the standing population when forming the government. The Lord-Mayor of the City of Mist is the elected official with the last say in the laws and rules important to the region of the City of Mist and its connected mines. The government of the City of Mist answers to the Omarthian district government but is not required to follow the exact laws of the district government. Most of the city lies underground with only a few small entrances and exits apart from the massive entrance that harbours the most traffic with goods to the city and from the city with finished wares and refined Iron and Mithral ore. The city is carved out of the mountain with many Dwarven features hewn into the stone. Large halls are dug and hewn out of the stone, revealing large amounts of ore, which led to the Mines of Omarthia to be started from the City of Mist which is still being excavated today. From the mines, most of the ore is immediately taken to the forges by minecart and lift straight to the forge.  




Most types of stores that an adventurer or a citizen might need on their travels are found here. There are some speciality shops around and mostly in the gem and ore businesses and engineering businesses that may help you create complex metal items to use in day-to-day life or battle. Consult with the store owner to see what is possible and the price. Many businesses try to undercut other stores' prices, so it is good to look around and try to find the best price to quality ratio. Players can find guidelines for prices in the prices article.  

Public Resources

Throughout the city, public forges are available with the city's tools and the Misty Engineering Guild. These forges came to be due to the high demand of the inhabitants to create their own items without paying exorbitant amounts of money for someone else to do it, even if they have the skills to do it themselves. A small fee per hour is asked for anyone who wants to use the forges to keep it running in terms of fuel and the quality of the anvils and equipment. This fee is paid directly to the Misty Engineering Organization, which uses the money for the aforementioned purpose and improves the City of Mist's infrastructure.  



Structural defences

As a city dug into a mountain, the City of Mist has good natural defences. Of course, a funnelling effect can endanger the citizens and goods within the city when an attack may come. To counteract this or help defend the city even better, the Misty Engineering Guild constantly improves defensive and offensive capabilities. Mostly focussing on the defensive side of a battle, many of the defences have been focused on slowing down the attacking parties as much as possible. They do have impressive offensive capabilities as well, but they have mostly decided not to use these powers when it is not needed actively.  

Personal defences

The City of Mist uses its own militia and police force for direct defence of the city and the day-to-day running of the cities' police force and the prison system. The military forces are mostly built on volunteers as there have been very few conflicts that would require a day-to-day running of a military force. The voluntary forces are well-trained and rotate in and out of service to keep them well-trained and sharp. This is always done within the same garrisons and specialities to let the forces improve their teambuilding.  


  In the City of Mist, the main production is based around the mining done in the Mines of Omarthia. A lot of Mithral and other ores are mined from this place, and only the surface has been scratched, according to Dwarven surveyors that work the mines almost daily. The City of Silverkeep also mines from the same mine, but on a different level, allowing them not to interfere with each others operations and their production and trade.  


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The City of Mist Engineering Guild

The City of Mist Engineering Guild is one of the biggest organizations that are still around in Omarthia. Originally started by the Mist-Gnomes, it has expanded tremendously, even crossing city borders to provide technological improvements to infrastructure, among other things. The guild members are highly regarded throughout the world and are protected by constitutional law. You can find more information about the City of Mist Engineering Guild within the previously linked article.


The City of Mist was first founded in the year 142 AC. Construction and excavation started soon after that. A few dwarven families partnered to form and build the city from the very beginning. To this day, most of these families are still in the city's higher ranks and government. Throughout the years, many ore and gem discoveries have been made in the mines of the City of Mist which has led to it becoming one of the most popular cities in all of Omarthia, albeit one of the darkest as well. Inventions, riches and more have come from this city throughout the years, and expansion is always ongoing within the City of Mist and its mines connected to the city itself. The expansion of Omarthia has been fueled by the metals, gems and stone hewn from the mines. The production of stone has decreased in recent years, but the mines are still an important artery in the expansion of Omarthia.
Founding Date
34th of Seriel as of the year 142 AC
Alternative Name(s)
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Mist-Dwarves and Mist-Gnomes
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization