Death is but one more natural part of the universe. Everything must come to an end eventually. It is one small cog in the machine of balance. There is either nothing or everything in the end and depending on your beliefs, I can help get you there.
    Many consider Zaton a reaper of souls. That is a duty assigned to their underlings. Zaton is the universal deity of death, the afterlife, and corvids. They are known as the Crowned Raven and they oversee the realm of the dead. Every culture has a name for them, but their duties and significance remain universal.    

Physical Appearance

  In many cultures Zaton is depicted as a pale, gaunt figure whose face and true appearance are never shown. Their skin seems almost translucent, revealing a network of dark gray veins. Faded purple splotches appear on some areas. Their fingers end in pointed, yellowed nails and sharp teeth fill their mouth.   Zaton wears a black cloak that covers their entire body. The hood is always up and obscures the top half of their face. It is tattered and ripped in some places. They wear a crown crafted of pale, jagged bones wrapped in silver wire. Many images depict them with large raven wings sprouted from their back.    


  A raven wearing a silver crown.   Tombstones and graveyards, typically well cared for.


  • Death is a natural part of life. By all means, fight to keep living, but accept it when the time finally comes.
  • Never force unwilling souls to return against their wishes.
  • Species
    They / Them
    Other Names
    The Crowned Raven
    Associated Cultures

    Cover image: by Krzysiek


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