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Papa Sean's

Too tired to cook? Kids ready to chew through the furniture? Well come on down to your local Papa Sean's for great pizza at great prices! In select locations we've even rolled out our new Play Palace sections to keep the kiddos entertained while you finish off the 'za.
— A TV commercial.
    Papa Sean's is a chain of pizza restaurants that was established nearly 30 years ago. The founder Martin Redwood named the company after his late grandfather who loved cooking. The first restaurant opened in (city name) and gradually spread across Omari with time.   This chain offers both dine in and take out / delivery services.    


  Locations usually reside in medium rectangular shop spaces. There are a few specialty ones with either a unique theme or special building location or shape. One such location is found inside a boat shaped store in a port town with nautical theming.   Inside there are rectangular booths that can fit up to six people. There are also smaller tables for singles or two. The floors are black tile while the wooden pieces are a dark brown with golden accents.   Some locations have the "Play Palace", an area designated to entertain kids. Its floor is covered in soft foam. There is a large maze of plastic tubing to explore, short climbable objects, and a ball pit.    

Mission Statement

Here at Papa Sean's we want you to feel like family. We'll treat you right and provide only the best quality food at affordable prices. We have great ingredients to make great pizza that everyone will love.


  Each location has a roster of cooks, waiters, delivery drivers, and occasional janitorial workers. There are also a handful of store and regional managers that oversee operations and ensure locations are well stocked and running smoothly.    


  Papa Sean's sells a variety of pizzas and similar dinner items. They have several sides, drinks, and a few dessert options. Their menu can be found online. They offer limited time options on occasion.
Corporation, Food Inudstry
Founded By
Martin Redwood
Year Established
Rival Chains
John E Cheese, Now closed.
Related News
Terrorized Tots
Plot Hooks
  There are reports of children insisting the Play Palace is haunted and refuse to use it until the matter is dealt with.   Something held up a supply truck and they need someone to investigate so they can get their stock refill to continue operations.

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