Gorbo Oil

One swig of this is enough to "clear you out" for a couple days. Add a few more shakes and you might not ever make it out of the bathroom.
  This oil comes from the Gorbo fish. It has no modern day beneficial uses and is an illegal substance. Seedy markets and dubious alchemists still manage to stock some vials.    


  It has a thin viscosity when fresh, but thickens up over time. The oil ranges from pale yellow to orange and is transparent.


  • Odorless
  • Tasteless unless mixed with food, then it has a bitter flavor.
  • Toxic; not safe for consumption.


      Despite its use as a natural laxative in the past, it's highly advised to not use this oil in any way. It is lethal for babies and children. Small doses cause stomach and intestinal distress. There is a small threshold that is easily crossed before it's lethal to most adults. Higher doses cause organ failure and eventual death.   Most individuals survive non lethal doses with minimal intervention. Doctors advise pushing fluids and electrolytes. No further action should be needed. At higher levels, the person will need immediate medical attention.
    250GP per 4 oz

    Cover image: by Krzysiek


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