Dragon Council

WIP Very vague concept I'm unsure of how to explain.
We are the protectors and guiding light of the isles. We have only the best intentions for Omari's citizens.
    During the era of beginnings each island gained a young adult dragon guardian. They were brought in to allow the deities to ease up on the attention they had to give. In exchange for their service, each guardian would gain a shrine / temple and access to whatever horde they wished to collect.      


  • Agi / Prismatic
  • Xondri / Platinum
  • Naduni / Obsidian
  • Vika / Bronze
  • Zevonod / Jade
  • Laemaloa / Turquoise
  • Ophi / Silver
  • Ranks

    There is no official ranking within the council. Agi is the main guardian and oversees all the rest. Otherwise, every dragon is equal and holds the same amount of power.
    Year Formed

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