We only accept the best in this household, including heritage. Those who make deals with other being to become what we were naturally gifted are second rate at best. And if I catch wind of you being cordial with those devilish fools, you might as well be dead to me.
— Kairis
    The Amouras are a pure Tiefling family line dating back many centuries. Members come in a few different shades, but their prominent feature is the pure white skin and icy accents passed through the maternal line. They reside in a large estate in the city of Ecrona and are one of the few wealthiest groups among the islands.    

Fey Heritage

  Both family lines have Fey origins. All members descended from Tieflings who were born as such and not made through pacts and similar methods. They do not enjoy associating with those who made deals to transform into one nor anyone with fiendish / demonic bloodlines.   There are rumors of a familial patron that's looked over its members for many generations. They grow fond of one member and guide them through life while providing magical powers. It is believed this elusive Eladrin was a family friend that transformed into something more complex.
Social Status
High Influence / Affluent
Other Names
Frost Diamonds


  • Kairis Amoura
  • Nemeia Amoura
  • Twin Sisters (to be named)
  • Brother (to be named)
  • Brother (to be named)
  • Sister (to be named)
  • Zaivari Zindel
  • Assets

  • Estate
  • Business(es)
  • Private Skyship

  • Cover image: by Krzysiek


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