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Sangus Plan

The Sangus Plan, also known as the Great Unification Plan, was a plan by the Varonian subtribe of Sangus that aimed to unite the Varonian subtribes under one government. It was created between 1 and 12 Heta-Eimarae by the Sangian king Fathwar, and involved both him and the general Errhosat.
The Sangus Plan called firstly for the dual invasion of Rottol and Sachelu, Sangus's southern neighbors, before gathering together and invading Tiamthur. They then would march eastward, conquering both Viderent and that other one, before swinging northward to envelop Erkanal and Ardunioz. This relied most upon the total eradication of local populations and those of other nearby cities in order to restrict the spread of news and therefore catch their enemies off guard.
Despite meticulous planning by both Fathwar and Errhosat, the Plan experienced difficulty from the very start; in the taking of Hivoer (in Sachelu) and Imohaus (in Rottol), many inhabitants were able to escape, causing Rottol and Sachelu to arm themselves. Yet Fathwar and Errhosat still had hope that the sheer tardiness of the notices would delay Rottol and Sachelu.
This came crashing down in the fateful Battle of Ojjeirin, where the far more numerous and experienced Sangians were nearly wiped out, almost circumstantially, by a Rottolian volunteer force in Ojjeirin. Further attempts, most crucially the Battle of Ferant, resulted in the deaths of both Fathwar and Errhosat, as well as the near-total eradication of the Sangian army.
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