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Ojjeirin is a Blivonian city located in the Ammonaut Desert. It is the second-largest city in the desert behind Vairdim, and is the capital of the Blivonian province of Itvesale.


Founded in 25029 AYM by Varonians, Ojjeirin was built primarily to mine the rocks in the Arbin Mountain Range. The sheer amount of rocks mined, however, led to an outer wall being built around the city in 25011 AYM solely for trading, and over time, the city became one of the wealthiest in Varonith.
This wealth also attracted the Matousai who, from 25008 until 24976 AYM, frequently raided Ojjeirin until they signed the Pact of Ojjeirin with the city. This directed the city's stone directly to the Matousai themselves, angering other trade cities nearby and starting the First Varonian War, which lasted until 24974 AYM and led to the Matousai's influence greatly reduced in Ojjeirin as well as the dissolution of the Pact of Ojjeirin.
Not much is known of Ojjeirin's history between 24976 and 24811 AYM. In 24811 AYM the Matousai discovered a large silicon deposit and subsequently turned into Tiamthur. With this discovery Ojjeirin's wealth was now in jeopardy, and over time Tiamthur overtook the city economically. With this transformation into Tiamthur, however, several factions seceded, including Rottol, who migrated to the cities of Ojjeirin, Erimskel, and Imohaus, thus creating the tribe of Rottol. Ojjeirin became their capital city, as it still retained some of its former glory.
In 24712 AYM Varonith and its various subtribes, including Rottol, began to drift apart, and the already-declining city of Ojjeirin, who was located far away from the borders, suffered significantly. This loss of money subsequently led to a decline in the military, and the city of Ojjeirin, now poor, began to fall into ruin.
In 24538 AYM the neighboring tribe of Sangus began the Varonian Civil War by taking Imohaus and Hivoer (in Sachelu). Because the military was gone, Lysath, the king of Ojjeirin, had to rely on volunteer forces to protect Rottol. Nevertheless, in the resulting Battle of Ojjeirin, the Sangians were defeated, and Rottol and the neighboring tribe of Sachelu eventually conquered Sangus.


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