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Sheila's Stash

This rare items and valuables shop has something for every type of taste or needs out there. From Magical weapons and wardrobes to prohibited
by M. R. Struble
books and scrolls. Sheila knows how to find the rarest of items with their long-standing with reputable merchants, explorers, and the underground alike. But more coveted than their wares is the information and secrets Shelia has gotten their hands on, but that will of course cost extra. When the Faye War took place, it was said any and all could find haven at Sheila's. It is believed Sheila was part of the Faye Underground, using their contraband tunnels to help smuggle refugees to the south. This helped save thousands of lives and gained Sheila more fame with several sects.     Sheila has been investigated several times by the Illuminated guard for conspiring with Faye but no charges have even been brought up, as they are too frightened to fully search her building, or so it is laughed about in local taverns.

Purpose / Function

The acquisition and sale of rare and arcane items. The only place in Kingdom - Glorisora that is still allowed to acquire blackband items, with an extra tax to the Illuminated Capital of course.


There is a front entrance that opens directly to the mystic room. The area with the best 'public' magical items to browse. This area also has a reading table for those wishing to try one of the famous tonics, or have their fortunes read. Past the mystic room is a door to the backroom, which holds the stairs to the second story and an oft-hidden hatch to the cellar. This room also has an exit to the side alley that is shared with Fanfurs Feasts a fancy restaurant catering to the wealthy merchants and high class of the city.   There are two windows on the front of the building, with a bench in front to allow passersby a look at Sheila's stock. There is also a window above to front door to allow the shopkeeps a view of the street. While inside the upstairs room has two windows overlooking the shop as well.

Sensory & Appearance

A pleasant unrecognizable scent wafts into the street as soon as the door opens, and when you walk through those doors a light tingling passes through your body, letting you know not to do anything stupid.

Hazards & Traps

No one knows all the traps and hazards that protect this building but they all know it has never been robbed. A few known traps are - lightning runes on the doors and windows, Two suites of armor that allegedly can come to life (this is unconfirmed).


Starting as a small merchant tent for a new lumber outpost in the middle of the Densomain Forest, Sheila's has had many renovations over the years. Once it was time to put Sheila's to a building it was built near the local well, for quick access to water for her tonics.

First rendition

The first rendition of the building was a small one-room building that had nothing more than a counter, a cauldron for her tonics, and a bed at the back.

Second rendition

The Second rendition came when Sheila rebuilt her building using stone, showcasing her wealth in a town built around lumber. This expansion also added a small cellar to store items that only special customers would get to see.

Final rendition

The Final rendition came later adding a small second story to the shop, to the shopkeeper to live in. With the Crossroads expanding and becoming a city it made sense to have someone live on site.


The yellow glow of lightning runes around the doors and windows deter any would-be thief. If that wasn't enough it has been rumored that Sheila has been able to acquire magical items from places far away that work nothing like Runeology items. There allegedly is an item she has that will rip any would-be intruder into the dimension of demons, but this is unconfirmed.

Possibly due to no one's lived to tell the story


Once nothing more than a humble merchant shop on a dusty road, in the middle of the woods, with only a few other buildings around it. The shop supplied the local woodcutters and was a common resupply point for caravans coming from the Capital. While travelers would stop to have one of Shelia’s famous tonics they would often chat with her too. Having a silver tongue of her own Shelia would pry useful information out of them and resell that information to others. This became a prosperous side hustle. Most of the clientele that came for her knowledge was of the seedier nature and were able to obtain less common items for her. This is how she started to get into the acquisition of rare items and moved away from common merchant items.   As the small woodcutters' outpost began to grow, so too did the merchant shop. Eventually building up to a sizeable establishment and collecting wares from all over Kerravar. With Sheila's rise in fame, it was easy to expand her shop, and with her connections with the various guilds, she was able to do it with discretion.   Over the years the moniker Shelia followed the owner regardless of gender. Though some say Sheila is still alive and just changes her face from time to time.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Sheila's Sensuals
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Cover image: by M. R. Struble


Author's Notes

This is part of my OLDH world that will be released at the end of the month. I hope you like Sheila’s Stash, it was a small part of the world but I decided to build on it for this contest and now it has a little more interesting back story and a map! :) Let me know what you think or if there is anything you want to know about Sheila’s!

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