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Gold Dragon Monté Jactrovin

This strong determined stylish slayer is always willing to do what it takes to help a person in need. But if you be a demon be ready to meet your end.
Being a half-human and half-demon has its advantages but also disadvantages. Monté has developed his advantages well and has learned well the disadvantages.
Still be raised to believe people should be given a chance to prove themselves good or bad, Monté has overcome the treatment he was shown by the ignorant of his youth.

The one thing he can not forgive is the evil demon that killed his mother when he was little. His passion for slaying monsters grew from this hatred.


Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Monté is fit with a powerful frame from hours on hours of training with a variety of weapons. He has a long slender body enhanced by his corded muscles.

Body Features

Has a scar across his back given to him by the demon that killed his mother.

Facial Features

It has been said that Monté has a strong bearded jaw that often hides a smirk. Strictly speaking for the records, he has what one might deem as handsome features, strikingly intense brown eyes, and lips that beg to investigate. He has a strong nose that enhances his other features perfectly
Klyuda’s Notes
It must be started I did not write this section but took it off of one of the acolytes. I will, however, leave it as it seems, after making some inquiries, there is a consensus that the information is correct. I just pray Monté never reads this or I will never hear the end of it.

Physical quirks

It has been noticed that even during a fight Monté always stops and fixes his outfit when it gets messed up. It has not been determined if this is cockiness or just an uncontrollable urge.

Special abilities

  • Increased sight, smell and hearing
  • Increased agility, speed, and strength
  • What has been referred to as demon rage. A red mist that seems to heal and increase his physical abilities.
  • Has been seen using blood as a sacrifice for sigils.
  • Being the finest dressed Slayer in the land
Klyuda’s Notes
Who added this? It is not an ability to be finely dressed. I am going to have to talk with these acolytes!

Apparel & Accessories

All Demon Hunter guild members are issued a standard equipment loadout based on their ranking, of course, they are not required to wear them. Most members will use this equipment or at least parts of this equipment. Monte on the other hand refuses to use any of the clothing items, stating, "These daft garments will just never due for me."   It has become known that only the best of suites will do for Monté. He always dresses fashionably, with custom-tailored suits and gear. It is said his suits are made of Auyaquay Sand Worn silk specially imported from the Auyaquay Desert. These Sand Worn Silk suits are not cheap but give excellent protection, while also being fashionable.   Guild members joke that he is the reason Sanctium has so many tailors. And that he is keeping them all in business.

Specialized Equipment

  • Guild sword - Golden hilt with intricate runes etched into the blade.
  • Cloak - Fur cloak that shimmers red, properties are currently unknown

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to Madritha Jactrovin in 216GE, Monté was raised in the Demon Hunters Guild. His early years saw a lot of division amongst the guild members, which only got worse when his mother died at the hands of a demon in 221GE. Many members wanted to be rid of the half-blood, believing he was bad luck and would invite more attacks on the members.

In 222GE when Manchū took over the guild he quickly put to rest any notions of getting rid of his nephew. Several duals were fought to contest his decision but in the end, Manchū was victorious. Slowly the guild members, those that stayed, started to see Monté as one of their own and helped raise him as well.

Between the guild and locals in the city, Monté grew up with vastly different cultural influences. This built upon his uncle's strong belief in accepting all for who they are. This is believed to be why he has such a strong willingness to see the good in others.


Raised in the Demon Hunters guild Monté was required to attend the local campus of the The Academy. While he always preferred weapons and martial training over his educational training he took his studies seriously and impressed his instructors often. His favorite course of study was history and cultures of Kerravar

Being a Slayer Monté was required to learn the basics of the primary languages of Kerravar. This is standard practice by most Slayer guilds. Thi allows one to able to travel where they are needed. Monté can fluently speak common Glorisian, Lushian, and Altroshian. He is acceptable in Illuminated Tongue (once known as Glorisorian, very similar to common Glorisian), Ostethrian, and Bultstrian.

Growing up in Sanctium Monté was surrounded by different cultures and languages and picked up on a variety of different ones. While he may not be fluent in all, he is able to understand them pretty well.


Monté is currently a Gold Dragon for the Demon Hunters Guild.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Monté was the third-fastest Drakling to become a Dragon, in the last three hundred years. He managed to get his ceremony four months after his three-year mandate training was completed. Most Draklings take several extra years before they are offered the Blood Test. His mother was actually the fastest to ever progress and beat Monté by a mere month. The second fastest beat him by only four days.

After getting the freedom to take on requests, Monté dived in with abandon taking any request that would let him fill his thirst for vengeance on the monsters of the world. He quickly build up renown and moved up to Bronze Dragon within Defeating a class 10 monster on his own, earning him enough renown to advance to Gold.

  Being the youngest Demon Hunter member to achieve Gold Dragon ranking has gained Monté respect with all Slayers even the ones that disagree with his bloodline.

Mental Trauma

Mother was murdered protecting him from a Demon attack when he was little.
Grew up as an outcast, bullied by the village children, and sneered at by many of the guild members. After his mother died he was raised by his uncle Manchu. Manchu did use his power and influence to protect Monte. Manchu raised Monte in his family's belief that all people deserve a chance and this eventually lead Monte to take up this same belief, for all except monsters and demons.

Morality & Philosophy

Monté has been noted for having a strong morality. He has been observed often helping those in Sanctium, even when little. This is rather remarkable for the tragic youth he had and shows just how strong his character truly is. This is believed to be in part of his uncle's strong influences while raising him.   It is said he will always do what is just and fair regardless of the situation, this has led to trouble for the young Slayer. This is especially true of the incident in Moscaburgh with the Illuminated Guard, the guild is still trying to make amends for that.


Relationship Status

We like to keep basic records of relationship statuses with all guild members to help evaluate their mental stability for requests. When asked about his relational status Monté was quoted saying.

"Evil does not allow one time for love, but many a woman has tried to win my heart. Maybe someday I will let them."

We are not sure how to take this response but believe that, at least for now, he is able to continue on requests.

Personality Characteristics


The loss of his mother at a young age, at the hands of a demon, possibly his father, drove an innate hatred for any "demons" of the world.

While being raised by his uncle who took over the Demon Hunters after (mother) was killed, Monte learned to fight and protect those who could not protect themselves. His uncle used his power to make sure Monté had a safe upbringing but couldn't protect him from everything, though he hurt those who hurt Monte.

Eventually, Monté found kindness in those that stayed and accepted him for who he is, not what his father was. This encouraged Monté to follow a similar path and be willing to see past the surface unless they are a demon or monsters.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes Dislikes
  1. His clothes
  2. Sweets
  3. Working out/training
  1. Demons and monsters
  2. Injustice
  3. Cheap wine


Very clean and presentable, from the finely pressed suits to the pleasant scent of oil and lavender that follows him.


Wealth & Financial state

Has gained a nice living slaying the evils of Kerravar.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Gold Dragon

Year of Birth
216 GE 28 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
His mother was attacked by a demon lord

Parents (Adopting)
Presented Sex

Light brown - light purple to red when using abilities

Long black dreads that flow past his shoulders

Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown

Lean and muscular

Quotes & Catchphrases
"If you are human, leave this place. If you are Demon then this is your end"

Follows the old ways

Known Languages
Being a Slayer Monté was required to learn all basic languages of Kerravar.

Klyuda’s Notes<br />
Scientific observations show he would have a lot more if he didn't always buy those fancy suits. Like who has to always look so dang fancy while fighting monsters! Normal guild members wear regular armor to protect themselves and suites for going out... Not Monte though

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Cover image: by M. R. Struble
  • 229 GE

    16 Hironish
    229 GE

    21 Hironish

    Graden Trolls

    Monté's second quest. To eradicate some Grub Trolls causing a mess in the gardens at an esteemed manor. Much to Monté's dismay, he must take Klyuda with him on this quest.

    Additional timelines
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