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The Hoovachacs Forest (Who-vuh-chacks')

The Location

There is a legend that lives in a binary star system in the Midbelt near Schee. This system consists of a single planet, sharing the orbit of the smaller star around a much larger one. On this planet is a large dense dangerous forest. And it is within this forest that our legend lives.  

The Forest

The forest they live in is replete with both life and death. The longest lifecycles of the flora and fauna within this forest can be measured in weeks. To compensate for the short lifespans, life happens at a rapid pace such that you can often hear the creaking and groaning of the plants as they grow.   It is said that since both life and death occur at such a rapid pace, the lifeforms in the forest often get confused as to whether they should be alive or dead. Therefore, undead thrives within the forest as well. And, even for visitors, dying within the forest is no guarantee of lasting death.  

The Creature

The creature is small, roughly 10 pounds, and feline in appearance. The long fur is thin and transparent to appear almost opalescent – giving the creature a ghostly appearance. Their cat-like eyes are a dark gray. Their ears are tufted as is their feet and the end of their tail.   Their movement is graceful, stealthy, and strong. They are just as comfortable on the ground running as they are jumping and climbing in the forest canopy. Those that believe that these creatures exist call them Hoovachacs.  

The Legend

What makes these creatures legendary is their ability to return life to the undead. Those that have claimed to have seen this or, more likely than not, know of someone who knew someone who saw it, believe that the creatures only come out under the light of a gibbous moon. They approach an undead thing (plant or animal) and rub their scent on it. As this occurs, the undead’s wounds heal and life replaces undeath. The truest of believers believe that the Hoovachacs can bring back both sentient and non-sentient life forms, thus proclaiming that the creatures contain the answer to everlasting life.


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