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Morven's Scrivener


Morven Otto d'Kurgen the 3rd inadvertantly ushered in modern avellum society by creating this unique writing device. Previous to its construction, in the days leading to interplanetary travel, the avellum society was a martial society. This severely hampered Morven's capacity to climb the social ladder as she was born with a rare genetic defect and couldn't see very well.   However, Morven was brilliant, ambitious, driven, and determined to rise and become the greatest leader known to the avellum. She had faith in the fact that duels could be won with words, not just weapons. She studied a variety of topics from the greatest minds on the planet. After many years of intense study, she left society and isolated herself in her home. No one saw her for the next 5 years.   After this time of isolation, she emerged with a strange device. It looked about 5 inches long and about a 1/2 inch in diameter. It was a seamless construction made of a dull grey metal, The top contained a small hole, the side held a clip, the bottom came to a point, and 3 buttons were located near the point - black, yellow, and purple.   She took this device and engaged in her first duel. Everyone laughed at her when she registered, seeing her poor eyesight as she carefully navigated the room. Before the formal duel was to take place, however, she sat down with the device and paper and pressed the yellow button. Without speaking or writing or touching the device, it began writing on the paper. Words rapidly appeared in a scrawling avellum script. After about 5 minutes, the paper was full. She then got up and walked into the ring. The other duelist was there with 2 sharp long daggers, formidable leather vest, and an even more formindable look in their eyes. As her opponent taunted her, Morven just stood there. Eventually, her opponent ran out of steam, and attacked. At that moment, Morven pushed the purple button and began to read from the page.   Her speech was elloquent and beautiful, logical and persuasive. As the words flew from her beak, everyone in the hall became quiet and listened. As she spoke, she sliced through her opponent, cutting them down to size, and convincing everyone in the room, including the opponent, they they couldn't possibly win. The opponent resigned the duel in shame.   Morven became the talk of avellum society as she won duel after duel, rising rapidly in society. Her meteoric rise eventually took on a more political turn as she rapidly rose in the government as well. Critics would speak out strongly against her, but only once. Then they would rapidly change their stance into one of praise. Within 6 years of emerging from her home, Morven Otto d'Kurgen the 3rd was elected Prime of Avellum.  

Impact on Society

  • Within a year of Morven's first win, the avellum society began to reject physical fighting and adopt verbal debate. Many using her style and word structure, but none coming close to having the same impact.
  • Morven Otto d'Kurgen the 3rd was indeed an excellent Prime of Avellum. She united the country and improved the standard of living for every avellum. She is known as the greatest leader of all avellum. At least, that is what the history books say.

Current location

The Age of Interstellar Travel for the avellum brought about the end of Morven Otto d'Kurgen the 3rd's epic rule. The history books do not exactly say what happened to her or her scrivener. They only say that she resigned her rule soon after her first meeting with an other-world ambassador, and a new Prime was duly elected. She and her scrivener are lost to time. However, many an adventuring avellum are still in search of the device. Many also wonder, what does the black button do?
Item type
Unique Artifact
3 oz
5 inches long, 1/2 inch diameter
Base Price


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