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Knight General

The first Knight General fought for his kin. He fought for those who couldn't to his eyes defend themselves. When he saw that the needs exceeded his capabilities, he swallowed his pride and recruited and trained help. This help led to great effect when no one believed. When he became incapable of continuing, those he trained he equipped to be able to handle the threats. This began a lineage that has been augmented by the inclusion of those who can provide for themselves and others. 
Private notes of the keeper of secrets Johani Memorn
The knight General is the leader of the tecknights. He is an elected leader from inside the Knights of Steel. To be eligible to be elected to the position, the Knight must have achieved a rank of at least a Colonel to be eligible for the position. The Knight General has equivalent rank to a Luitenant Colonel in the The Northern Alliance with a specialization in anti-monstrosity and mecha combat. The Knight General rarely calls the full might of the knights of steel because of the wide-ranging nature of the primary mandate of the order. When called together the Knights of Steel can bring an incredibly fast reaction strike force to bare.


A Knight General is required to have achieved the rank of Colonel in the Knights of Steel to be eligible to be elected Knight General. In addition to this, they need to have served for a minimum of eight years, and they are encouraged to have completed a course of command MOS for the Northern Alliance.


Ten years of service, with two years of command as a Colonel, gaining the confidence of the other officers and taking CMOS courses with the Nothern Alliance Military College.


A secret vote is held among the captain and above ranks, any colonel can put their name in the pot if they have completed the requirements form the position.


They act as a force organizer and director of missions.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A failure of command, resulting in high casualties among his troops will often have the Knight General resigning from the office, and volunteering for a dangerous assignment. They can be removed from office if their health is in decline, whether mental physical or spiritual.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
On hold for election of the next holder.
The creation of the Knights of Steel was an affirmation of the chosen duties of men at arms under the Cloud Giant Duerok.
Form of Address
Knight General
Alternative Naming
LT. Colonel, Sir
Equates to
Lt. Colonel of the Nothern Alliance, a Specialist command for situations regarding giant monsters, and Mecha.
Source of Authority
Attache to the Military of the Northern alliance. Dedication to the defense of civilians.
Length of Term
A term of command can last no longer than twelve years.
First Holder
Reports directly to
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