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Auralia the Dawn Point

In the days after the settlements had been deployed and the colonist settled the Auralia had been preparing to set out back to Aytera . Over the year and a half that the ship took to begin its return trip things had gone terribly. A war that swept across Aytera, causing so much devastation that the gods intervened. A barrier was placed around the world to keep the technology on the ship from reigniting the war. When even messages could not get through seemingly, the Aurelia turned back. Without the ability to resupply they set out a new goal. They would monitor the activity on their lost home until they could return. From there using craft and harvesting materials form the asteroid belts they began modifying the Auralia. Monitoring equipment was deployed as close as possible to Aytera. The plans to attempt other colony project were scrapped and the ship started to have many of its bays modified to meet other requirements. Some bays were modified to act as arboretums or hydroponic gardens. Soon the crew had modified some areas to simulate environmental qualities from Aytera. The population of the massive station began grow at a steady rate as more modifications were made.   The activity in the system drew external attention one day and a new purpose for the station was devised. Some of the many cargo bays were converted to act as docking bays. With the encounters with mostly friendly extra solar races things sped up. New discoveries came regularly, and the strangers look interest in the strange phenomena that had enveloped our lost homeland. A massive beyond reason time dilation had been applied to the world. This was accompanied by seemingly impenetrable wards and barriers that would allow nothing through. For 1200 years this station has acted as a observer to Aytera.   it has been determined through observation that the temporal field that had enveloped Aytera was roughly slowing time by forty one percent. This means around seven hundred twenty years have passed inside the field. Observation has shown that efforts to rebuild planet side are progressing at a worryingly slow rate. What happened down there?   A recent development, the Barrier that blocked travel has fallen and the temporal field seems to have dissipated. We are preparing a taskforce to make contact with the locals, estimated arrival time after deployment will be three months post deployment.


A republic style council


Immense armor that was used to protect the Auralia in its travels has been updated with new materials that have been discovered and new weaponry has been developed in the wake of other species visiting during the years. The fact that the current visitors have been amenable does not mean we should rest on our loreals.

Industry & Trade

Acts as a checkpoint for inbound travelers to Orgranys, and exports materials and machinery.


Many businesses have formed. The crew started out with restaurants and basic amenities to move past the several cafeterias once the modifications began.


A great deal of scientific equipment, orbital refineries for processing materials mined in orbit, and many manufacturing tools similar to the Matter forges that have been improperly maintained on Orgranys.
Founding Date
12 million
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization
Over 10 years the Auralia Class Colony Starship was turned into a Starbase.

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9 Oct, 2021 15:29

Oh man, an observation station dictated to non-interference by the gods. (glances at notes of worlds 4th and 5th "moons" or "fast stars" as some refer to them.) Love the idea. it is also something you can have so much fun with if you run multiple rpg campaigns.   In the Defenses section you end sort of awkwardly. i would probably just drop the "and" unless you had something you were planning on adding.

As always, it would be appreciated if you would stop by my challenge article The Storm Giant Empire and leave some feedback.   If you are looking for things to read from summer camp there is also my Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge.. Happy worldbuilding.