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Auralia Class Colony Starship

Auralia class colony starship that was the first of her class. Sadly due to a massive war that threatened the stability of reality due to magics of unprecedented power, she was the only one launched. The ship was perhaps over built with immense armor and a powerful for its era drive system that could navigate the Athillia star system in reasonable time frames. It was used to aid in the prep of Orgranys to begin the colonization process, via the redirection of a couple large icy astroids and a comet to impact at the polar regions.

Power Generation

Three Vier class Magi-Fusion reactors to provide all power needs. These reactors use concentrated magic(conjuration of hydrogen gas) and ionizing the hydrogen gas to propel the vessel through the void at a decent speed.


Mk 12 Mass Ion thrusters provide all forward thrust. The vessel has a maneuvering plasma drive that uses a specialized gate enchantment and draws directly from the 3 Vier magi-fusion reactor to swiftly adjust course.

Weapons & Armament

Lightly arm for a ship of its size with mostly point defense weapon, a mixture of beam and kinetic weapons. The Auralia class have one trump card though for defenses. It can use a special version of the maneuvering protocols to mass dump a a blast from the reactors in a focused blast that bares some resemblance to a solar flare.

Armor and defense

One hundred ten meter thick armor-band made of interwoven lattices of adamantine, mythril, boron carbide, and titanium. Interspaced between layers is meshes of copper, gold, and silver to protect from radiation.

Communication Tools & Systems

Radio communication system, a effectively one of a kind long range low delay data relay created through a gate enchantment.


Radar, lidar, thermal and an arcane eye system.

Hangars & docked vessels

Has several delivery craft that are bulk landers designed to deploy the ground work for a colony in a minimal timeframe.
Lady Luck
United we stand, together we stay.
sixty billion gold
One of a kind, was meant to be a series of ten ships before the collapse of the empire that built it
6.5 kilometers
16 kilometers
3 kilometers
ninety million metric tons
can achieve speeds up to 35 kilometers a second
Complement / Crew
It carried a active crew of fifteen thousand, and stored in stasis units an additional one hundred thirty thousand of various species.

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