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Æther Mutation

" I once saw a tree with mouths and fangs, that sang like a chorus of women, and would eat anything that sat under its bows. The song that is sung was quite enchanting. I just happened upon it as it took an old man. The song must have had something magical about it because he did not wake. Even as it bit and carried him into the air. I will never sit near a tree if I hear singing."
Jaccob Solssun Dwarven explorer
Æther Mutations are flora or fauna that have been exposed to an extremely powerful Æther burst. They can develop magical abilities or grow extra limbs. Gain the ability to regrow body parts or generate copies of themselves. They can appear after Æther Storms. The flora or fauna frequently experiences an immense burst of growth and consumes immense amounts of energy due to this.

Transmission & Vectors

When an Æther Burst occurs during a more common variety of storms, such as snow or rain, it contaminates the resulting weather with the magic. Direct exposure can cause mutations in plants or animals.


At one time the world was dying, and because of this, the world had begun to collect the energy, the æther accumulated with the aid of the dragons. When the Druids restarted the core of Orgranys the accumulation stopped. The diffusion of the æther is why this is happening.


Rapid growth, changes in magical ability, growing new body parts, gaining new forms of locomotion. In most cases, the growths are benign or beneficial. Can cause madness or awaken the intelligence of a creature.


No known treatments.


Drastic bodily changes and potentially madness.


Mutations that are manageable sometimes breed true. Some new species have formed due to this.


Avoid exposure.

Cultural Reception

Æther mutations are often met with suspicion or outright fear. The sometimes terrifying nature of the mutations makes this even more notable.
Example of an Æther Mutation   Draco Panthera   A Æther mutation that appears as a great cat such as a tiger or panther. With scaly skin rather than fur. It has six legs, two to four wings, and one to four tails with stingers. Some can breathe deadly vapors, that are sometimes flammable.
Chronic, Acquired

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