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The Seers of Eiqir (EYE-keer)

12 Melua 1227 Age of Water
The Seers of Eiqir are a group of wisepeople who dedicate themselves to tracking the passage of time. These people are treated as minor nobility regardless of their social class, economic status, or lineage. Keeping the calendar and designating when days begin and end are the primary duties of the seers. To inform the people around them of the sunrise and the beginning of a new day, the Seers flash a bright red light from the top of their tower.


The Seers of Eiqir are headed by the Timemasters. Each Timemaster is elected by the Seers as a whole with a majority vote, and the position is held for thirty years, or until dismissal. Timemasters act as the organizers of the Seers, and their main duties include being the public face of the Seers and organizing the watches. There is one Timemaster for each city-state in Escaria.

The Seers organize themselves into four different watches: Sunrise, Sunhigh, Moonrise, and Moonhigh. Once the sun is visible over the horizon, the Sunrise watch begins. When the sun is directly overhead, Sunhigh is beginning. The Moonrise watch starts when the sun is no longer visible on the horizon, and the Moonhigh watch happens when the moon is directly overhead.

Public Agenda

The publicly announced goal of the Seers of Eiqir is to provide accurate timekeeping whenever possible to the benefit of the people in their city. Using the sun and moon as guides, they inform people of time and wind the clocks in the cities. It is thanks to the Seers that life goes on in their city-states. Without them, meetings would be missed, health would be poorly tracked, and sleep cycles would falter.

As a semi-religious organization, the Seers of Eiqir are also tasked with providing religious services to their people. This ranges from temple upkeep to blessing the sick.


The Seers of Eiqir are the legal owners of the clock towers in larger city-states such as Tritolis and Dotin. Smaller city-states, though, have the clock towers owned individually. Most Seer groups also have a tall building within the limits of their home city which is reserved specifically for their usage.

Timing is the Key to Life

Religious, Other
Leader Title


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