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Tritolis (trih-TOH-liss)

12 Melua 1227 Age of Water
Tritolis is an undersea metropolis located on the eastern edge of the Escaria Sea. This city operates as both a settlement and a governing body, being ruled by the current Duke of Tritolis, Tritolis IV. This city-state has a high quality of living in comparison to the other city-states in Escaria when education level, median income, and median mental health scores are evaluated. The unique public education system in Tritolis is praised as being the cause of this increased life quality. Despite the quality of life, though, the average lifespan in Tritolis is four years less than the Escarian average.


Tritolis is home to over three million merfolk, of which two-thirds are of the Tore lineage. The remaining third of the population is roughly 50% Dizz, 20% Arranil, 15% Fenerrik, 10% Abythis, and 5% Undetermined. Only half of the permanent residents of Tritolis were born there. Immigration to this city-state is common, especially from natives of the smaller city-states.


The Duke is the highest power within Tritolis. Instated in 1183 AW, the current Duke is Tritolis IV, who inherited the title from his mother, Duchess Hilliona, after her death. Dukes of Tritolis, however, do not operate alone. They are constantly assisted by various officials including a Treasurer, a Secretary, and the local Timemaster from the Seers of Eiqir.

Points of interest

The Fintal Tower in the center of the city is the largest building in Tritolis, and in the Escaria Sea. It towers over most buildings, and stretches from the sea floor to a total height of 500 meters. The tower is a popular tourist destination for merchants, as it functions as a multi-story market.
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04 Asha 916 Age of Water
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