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Chapter 1: Breaking News Therapy - Part 1 Scene 1

Occulta Mundos: After the Void - Book 1

L.E.X.A - The League of Extraordinary Artists, LLC
Suddenly, she began to descend.   Plummeting out of the sky, her arms extended in front of her, as the notebook-that she always clung to- left her grasp; the slow-motion feeling was overwhelming as she watched the pages flipped through the air. In that moment, Carrie stopped breathing, she felt her heart trying to escape from her chest, as her tan CND News jacket flapped and rippled in the wind. Overcome with confusion and gripped with fear her eyes witnessed the chaos unfolding before her. The heavens split and the earth cracked as natural disasters were occurring all over. Hoary smoke mixed with crackling embers would reveal pockets of a dense - purple scurrying mist that altered the very scene that was painted in front of her eyes.  Anthropomorphic creatures wailed, moaned, and roared in fear, horribly surprised as they materialized into instant turmoil. A faint putrid smell of rotten eggs and citrus penetrated the air as various realms merged together. Carrie's nostrils burned from the smell, it  gave her a slight headache. However, unaware of all her surroundings, she couldn't dodge the small flaming debris whistling towards her, nicking her jaw. Startled, confused and hopeless, she continued to fall.                Is this really how I die, she frantically thought.   Downward she went. No telling the distance. The feeling of shock nestled inside her body. Carrie starts to gasp, as her body realizes that she isn't getting oxygen. Short breaths. In and out. Struggling to fill her lungs. Her mind in a disarray, not sure if she needed to brace herself or scream for help. A wingless, commercial airplane spirals in the distance as she faintly hears screams, yells, and …   "CARRIE!" A familiar voice pierced her ear drums, sending a jolt of endorphins through her system, calming her entire body.   Overwhelmed with nostalgia, she began to breathe normally. Looking to the right, she sees her best friend Jacob - falling, occasionally spinning, looking down and then looking at her- struggling with a large duffel bag, as he extends his hand to her. His hooded sweatshirt puffed up as it filled with air while he careened downward, it slightly started to move above his face.   Voice muffled and distorted, Jacob yells out, "Take my hand, I got you!"   Shocked, but filled with joy - with a slight sense of relief - Carrie shook off her bewilderment and started to move her arms as if she was swimming towards him. Jacob, through sheer determination, was able to stop his body from spiraling out of control and managed to get his sweatshirt off, grabbing it by the hood with his right hand as it flew like a presidential flag in the wind. With the duffel bag situated on his back, his left arm was still extended towards her. The canopy of the Redwood trees was now coming to meet them both. The moment her fingertips touched his, Jacob, with all his might, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards his bosom.   "Ah!" She yelped, as the force of his pull jerked her forward.   She instinctively tucked her head and curled up as her body moved into his. Jacob swiftly wrapped her in the hoodie, hugged her tightly with both his arms, and braced his body - anticipating the impact…   ***
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