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Khanai Pyrian

Chief Khanai Pyrian (a.k.a. Ryze Al Taneneen)

Khanai is a kromnar-human hybrid and the chieftain of his own warband known as the Warfang. Known to the Protectorate by the name Ryze Al Taneneen given to him by his human mother and as a Dragonknight with a legendary reputation as a fully-fledged Helios Swordmaster. He is currently one of the youngest chieftains in the history of the kromnar. Among these feats, Khanai is very well known to be a fearsome dragonlord, he rides the black archdragon Tamias into battle who has been by his side since his even before his birth.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Khanai is a tall Kromnar man standing at 7'5 with a muscular body and incredibly strong. Despite his size, he is capable of moving silently through city streets and jungles alike without being seen. He can also move with inhuman speed and agility with a balance similar to some kind of apex predator.

Body Features

Like many other Kromnar, he has striped markings across his body in a pattern with areas around his face, torso, and other parts of him clean. His markings however unlike other Kromnar are dark brown and compliment his bronze skin tone. He has fangs on his upper and lower jaws with claws on his hands and feet. Tattoos of both Kromnar and Zeran origin are across both arms, upper torso, and upper back. The Kromnar tattoos are black while the Zeran tattoos are actually a golden color. He has ritual scarring on both shoulders and on the center of his back.

Facial Features

Has a battle scar on the right side of his chin, along with tattoos on either side above the edges of his eyebrows and down the center of his chin. He has two ritual scars on either side of his face in a shape similar to crescent moons that start from over both his eyes and end just below his cheekbones.

Identifying Characteristics

Battle scar on chin from when he was younger.

Special abilities

Can communicate telepathically with almost all types of dragons. Berserker rage. Heightened senses, particularly the sense of smell and hearing above all others. Capable of seeing in the dark of night.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears a full suit of monstrous plate armor made of mountain steel and has several weapons built into his armor. Also carries a sword and a large axe on his back at all times. Wears an amulet with an Elder Dragon's scale in the center of it.

Specialized Equipment

Astral steel armor. Wields an axe called Sunbreaker. Wields a grand devastation weapon, a hammer called the Fist of Andrakkar. Wields the transcended sword Eldruid. Carries several robotic constructs for various purposes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Khanai was born on the battlefield on the continent of Cryos during a skirmish between the kromnar Great Clans and the New Dominion. Having barely escaped with his mother and uncle due to his father, Chief Ryzand, staying behind to hold off enemy forces. He was raised in Draegard, the fabled dragon city on Pretheria, an archipelago on the northern hemisphere of Oarus. For two years he lived there until he was nearly kidnapped as a baby, his parents believing that he wasn't safe there anymore he was sent away with his mother Iyani, to live in Zeran, one of the twelve major cities of the Protectorate. Having lived in Zeran's jungles under the name Ryze Al Taneneen he learned how to hunt and survive in the wilds, having no choice but to adapt even with his kromnar eyes he succeeded in becoming the best hunter and tracker of the tribe. At the same time, his mother had been a school teacher in the city and taught him history, science, mathematics, and writing like any human in the Twelve Cities. Khanai lived a relatively decent life among the tribes in the wild but was shunned in cities for being a half-blood by its higher class leaving him with a strong dislike for Protectorate citizens in general.   Later on, after Khanai turned thirteen he discovered his abilities to be able to communicate with wildlife in a way that no human was capable of doing so. During a circus performance, a fire drake broke loose in a rage and Khanai learned that he could actually communicate with the beast but what was more was that it both understood and obeyed him. After that Khanai came across a stranger who had a familiar scent, a scent that was almost like his. Having been curious about the stranger he followed him, sneaking aboard his ship and being taken across the sea with two of his friends. Before long he found himself in Pretheria, a large archipelago in the north sea that was said to be the birthplace of the dragon race. It was there in this lost world where Khanai met his father Chief Ryzand who was now Hierarch and leader of all thirteen clans. He told Khanai the truth of his origins, where was born, and that he was Kromnar.   Over the next few decades as Khanai began to age slowly, he was trained how to hunt and fight in the ways of the Kromnar as was expected of him in their hunter-warrior society. He became a fearsome warrior as well as a dragonlord like his ancestors before him, riding the black dragon Tamias. Even became the youngest dragonknight in their entire history as well. Yet his greatest achievement was being gifted the legendary transcended weapon Eldruid, the Firestorm, the flaming sword of kings.   Soon afterward the Maehes had struck out bringing the fires of war across the Outlands. Their attacks continued, winning victory after victory forcing many of the Outland Kingdoms to beg for aid from the Protectorate. In the end, the Protectorate chose to debate the matter and proceed with caution while deciding how to fight back. Khanai and his cousin Donar were the first of the Kromnar to strike back challenging their ferocity and brutality on the battlefield with a viciousness of their own. Their entrance into the conflict was both the true beginning and end of what was forever after known as the Blood War. As they fought the Maehes in battle after battle they learned to be ruthless. Khanai slew the Maehes Pharoh and drove them back into their desert homeland. By the war's end, the Maehes had taught Khanai and Donar much through battle turning them into battle-hardened warriors.   As Khanai began to return home he was abducted by a witch who had witnessed his skill during the war and used her vile magics to warp his mind and control him. She was no amateur but in fact a true witch and follower of the Horrors of the Void. Khanai resisted as best as he could but in the end broke, being reduced to a weapon of slaughter for the witch's vile purposes and carrying out a terrible slaughter. For half a year he was under her control and killing any and all she pleased until Donar and his sisters returned for him only to fight against their flesh and blood and fail. Only with the aid of the other dragonknights were they successful in freeing him. When he returned he came back wounded and half insane from the torture inflicted on him by the witch.   After a time Khanai joined a squadron under the command of a wartime friend of his father a former dragonknight to aid in his recovery. While training with the squadron he went with his father to Protectorate to speak with what few spies and allies they had there. In his time among the humans again he chose to study and train at the weapon schools in Helios to become a swordmaster while at the same time going to Itheria to learn what he could of magic from the elves and how to better protect himself than any other warrior. Even learned about technology from humans and became a skilled mechanist. He befriended many from both the Protectorate and the Homeland alike under the name Ryze again.   Three years had passed and in that time Khanai had taken up the sword again aiding his father in a fight against the undead, carrying out missions across the world fighting against liches and spirits. In that time, however, the Protectorate had discovered his true identity, that he was not just kromnar but also a dragonlord. Khanai tried to escape but was captured in finishing off the undead threat, despite saving Protectorate citizens he was still captured, imprisoned, and exiled from the Twelve Cities under the pain of death should he return. He disappeared into the Outlands and there are none who know where he is now.

Gender Identity





Learned to read and write in the Protectorate. Studied world history. Is a trained mechanist and blacksmith. Knows basic first aid. Studied how to defend against magic users. Skilled tactician.


Warrior Elite, Dragonknight, Squadron Commander, and Cheiftain.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Youngest dragonknight in history. Fought and led armies in the Blood Wars. Defeated the Maehes Pharaoh in single combat. Wielder of a transcended weapon, the flaming sword Eldruid. Is one of the legendary Helios Swordmasters.

Failures & Embarrassments

Secretly failed to fully complete his training as a dragonknight. Teased by his friends for his numerous failures to realize when women are interested in him. Mocked and taunted for being captured by the Protectorate.

Mental Trauma

Suffers nightmares from his time under a witch's control and torture. Has nightmares of ancient battles that happened long before his birth.

Intellectual Characteristics

Very knowledgeable about ancient history. One of the world's top experts on dragons and their subspecies alike.

Morality & Philosophy

Khanai has a strong belief in the Kromnar's warrior way, he believes that struggle and conflict are necessary on personal as well as cultural and spiritual levels. That survival of the fittest in all things, in your own behaviors, physical strength, mental fortitude, and emotional stability helped improve yourself. This same philosophy leads to him helping to train not just his squadron but keep watch on his friends and to help them in any way he thinks is necessary.   Like many other Kromnar, Khanai believes that barbarism is the natural state of things. In his eyes, their "barbarism" is what makes many of them honest, brave, and to a degree even selfless. That this is why they tend to have a greater sense of virtue compared to most other civilizations. That their laws and regulations are what lead to many citizens of more civilized cultures becoming scheming, treacherous, abusive, lazy, tardy, and even cowardly.    Since the beginning, Khanai has always believed that no matter the flaws a system of laws is necessary. That although they live in an imperfect world, that sometimes they must break the laws and step outside of social norms but that doesn't make them meaningless. Because of this, he is willing to follow the laws of other civilizations but at the same time, he will break them just as easily if he thinks it is necessary.

Personality Characteristics


To reclaim the lost city of Azgyrath, his people's ancestral homeland, and protect it so that his people and their dragons can have a home again. To rekindle the Kromnar people's warrior spirit, give them hope, a reason to fight again, and become the apex warrior race they once were again.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good at solving riddles. Can tell when someone is lying. Renowned for his weapons expertise and combat skill. Qualified dragon expert. Adaptable fighter. Has a wealth of combat knowledge.   Horrible liar. Terrible with women, knows nothing about flirting or courtship. Always hated by cats, they always scratch or bite him. Lacks finesse.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes animals. Has fun training and fighting. Loves exploring. Enjoys learning ancient history. Likes drawing. Loves flying on his dragon Tamias.   Doesn't like chocolate. Dislikes peanut butter. Creeped out by contortionists. Despises politics and politicians. Hates primates of any kind.


Family Ties

Father is another clan leader who is also a druid from a long line of chieftains. Mother is a school teacher. Comes from a family of dragonlords.


Scratches the back of his neck when he's going to do something he dislikes. Always speaks to politicians with an annoyed and disappointed tone.

Hobbies & Pets

Has a kromnar wolf as a pet named Dark.


Speaks with a deep calm voice.

Wealth & Financial state

A warrior elite and clan chieftain
Current Status
On a mission to reclaim his people's lost ancestral homeland.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Chieftain, Dragonlord, Dragonknight, Prince of Pretheria, King of Flames, Edgemaster
64 (21 by human standards)
Cold Blue Eyeshine
Black with White forelock
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5'10 (later 7'8 as an adult)
220lb (later 750lb as an adult)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I am a brother to dragons." "I am the Prince of Pretheria & the King of Flames!" "Go ahead and try, I hate monkeys."
Known Languages
Common Tongue, Zeran, Yasheen, Draconic, and Mild Elvish.


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