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Year 464 of the 998th Age

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No one knows how long the world has existed, though many have attempted to learn the exact number. The Eldorai, say that the world has existed for well over five million years. While the learned men of the Twelve Kingdoms and the Empire claim it has existed for forty-five thousand years. What they can agree on is that this world never belonged to the sentient races... In the beginning, it belonged to the great beasts of the earth. The Eldorai being the first sentient race to appear chose to name the world Eldorahn while humans who discovered it called it Oarus.   Regardless of the name the Zodiacal Beasts, the giants, the dragons, griffins, krakens, and many others. For in that time, they grew to such great and terrifying sizes that no man could stand against them. Soon after came the Eldorai, and many other races followed after shaping the world around them. Yet with their expansion and advancements came the endless conflicts and the disappearances of the Zodiacal Beasts.   Yet none so great as the Dark War, when demons flooded the earth destroying much of Eldorahn. One by one, many kingdoms and peoples fell in a flood of hellfire and blood. Until came the Seven Heroes, mysterious transcendent beings teaching magic, weapon forging, battle tactics, and ancient wisdom, with extraordinary powers where the races were able to take a stand. Beginning the Dark War, only with the aid of the Seven Heroes, the combined help of all the races, and the Zodiacal Beasts was the demonic incursion driven back.   However now that the world is safe from the demonic hordes, conflict has once again returned, and what was once accepted as truth has now turned to legend and make-believe. Some say that the Dark Wars is just a fairy tale, there are no bones, no traces of the demons, only the historical claims of the Seven's presence on Eldorahn and their teachings. But some remember their final warning, when the Seven left this world they warned the races that only by standing together could they match the Infernal Legions should they return. If the stories are true? How long will it be before the Infernal Legion's return? And will the races be able to stand together if they do?   Oarus is a vast world with colossal cities floating mountains and hovering continents. Filled to the brim with giant animals and ancient magical beasts that reach titanic proportions with incredible powers that no army can stand against. In this land, some races such as humans have used powerful technology and transformed themselves to survive in this world while sharing it with those they trusted. Other races such as the fae have used magic to better themselves and their society while taking it upon themselves to be protectors of this world. In the end, it comes down to all the races deciding if they can coexist together despite their different methods and beliefs.