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The Sword's Betrayal Curse

Uletyk Drzok Cwat (ulɛtɨk dʐɔk ʦvat)

The Sword's Betrayal is a mythical tale common to several folks inhabiting southern Rojgrasz. Its facts take place after the Nogry Węsz curse near a place called "the Foggy Sword" (Uletyk in modern Rojgraszian).

Uletyk, ty Tosza (ulɛtɨk tɨ tɔʂa)

Uletyk, "the foggy", is a legendary place deemed to be located somewhere in south Rojgrasz. It owes its current name to two facts.   First, according to the legend, it has the shape of a sword stuck in the land all the way up to the hilt. Nobody knows whether it is a natural formation, a ruin from the beginning of the third era, before the Swan curse. In fact, nobody even knows whether it exists at all.   Second, the place where it is alleged to be is a perpetually foggy forest.


In an attempt to top the ongoing war and focus together on the ominous events happening in Rojgrasz, the four kingdoms agreed on a truce. Delegations from each country met in a neutral location near a lake to discuss the diplomatic treaties. During the meeting, a skeletal swan rose from the lake, cursing the lands and killing several people from the delegations. In particular, it killed the king from the southern kingdom (for the whole story, see Nogry Węsz, the Dark Swan).   Once the delegation came back with the news, the heir stepped up to take the king's place, as everyone expected. The royal family quickly organized a ceremony near the Sword where every coronation took place.   During the speech from the soon-to-be king, a conspiracy took place. Several army captains had sworn loyalty to a rival house and took weapons against the royal family. A battle took place that day, and it escalated into a full-fledged civil war, tearing the kingdom apart.   The war never came to an end. Darkness would slowly devour the lands. If there was a winner, it was the Abyss.  
A fog came to cover the Sword, the conspiracy curse. Once you're inside, you can't see far and can't distinguish friends from foes. If you still want to venture there, make sure you go alone.
— Any (likely terrified) Rojgraszian person about the Sword

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