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Imperial Decree of Appointment: Shadow Court

The most famous imperial decree of appointment is the official document declaring the Shadow Court the only organization legally able to receive intelligence tasks in the Empire, thus rendering it the imperial secret services; it was issued in 1585 by emperor Džikrej Olkavič I after a chain of events that showed how much power the Court had.  
Thus with my Imperial powers, for the reasons I explained, I hereby declare the organization known as the Shadow Court, in the figure of the Shadow Crown, the official Imperial Intelligence. In this symbiosis may we walk together towards renewed glory!
— Džikrej Olkavič I

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Many scholars consider the 1585 as the crucial year that shaped what Nys was to become in the later centuries, but were they right? Some go as far as saying that it was the beginning of a new age. While I don't want to take such an extreme position, one has to acknowledge that it's main event, the appointment of the Shadow Court as the Imperial intelligence, was, in fact, an important milestone in what the Empire would become later on. Whas it so for Nys as a whole? I want to say no, but here am I, over half a millennium later discussing whether or not it was: the very fact that this book exists here and now is a testament to the importance of that Imperial decree.   My goal in this work is to explain the ascent to power of the Shadow Court as we know it now: from the legends and stories of how it came to be, through its rising among other criminal organizations as the most resourceful, up to its final showdown against justice in the first half of the 1580es, when it became justice. With this work, I hope to give a clear view of what we know for certain, what we consider true, and what we know to be a legend.
— The Shadow Court: Rise and Conquest, Feuvar Fras
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