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Raven Elves

Elves usually live in the wild, but Raven elves have long ago abandoned it for the life in the city. Sure, most of the elven neighborhoods of the Tableland are conformed by Eagle elves, but the vast majority of elves that live in human territories hail from the Raven tribe.   However, Raven elves may love to live in the cities, but they remain as untamed as any elf: Raven elves always live at the edges of the society. Beggars, fortune tellers, street musicians and many other city fauna are usually Raven elves. And it is no surprise they regent most thieves and assassin guilds across the Tableland. Given all of this, their black clothes often raise suspicion and fear wherever they go.


Shared customary codes and values

RAVENS ONLY SPEAK TRUTH TO RAVENS   The Ravens are the epitome of the common distrust that defines elvish culture: they don't accept any price or bargain easily, and they always believe that they are being cheated, except if the seller is another Raven.   Tribal Tradition rules: a Raven elf character will always bargain any price, but doing it against another Raven elf character (player or not player) will be considered a violation of this Tradition, and maybe an insult. Furthermore, they won't steal things from other Raven elf characters. Not following these rules will risk the character to become Tainted.

Subracial traits   Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increase by 1.   Expert liars: Your can add your Proficency bonus to all Deception checks. If you are competent with Deception, double this bonus instead.   Raven weapon training: your are proficient with throwing axes, slings and darts
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species

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