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Dimigi, formally known as Duomyaglossa, is a medical condition in certain humanoids whose most prominent symptom is the affected individual possessing two, fully functional tongues. After being born with an underdeveloped tongue, a person with duomyaglossa will have it branch into two during their childhood; however, the greater concern regarding the condition is a myriad of other cognitive symptoms and a unique social abnormality. There are currently no known treatments for any of the symptoms.


Originally thought to be a curse, recent scientific developments together with statistical analysis done by the Academy of Briga indicate that people being exposed to precessing junctions are significantly more likely to bear children with duomyaglossa.


The following is a list of the most prominent signs and symptoms appearing in roughly 98.5% of duomyaglossa cases; the first item is both required and sufficient for diagnostic purposes.
  • Two fully functioning tongues, one perched over the other.
  • Affinity for language acquiring, comparable to that demonstrated by human infants.
  • Extreme difficulty or inability recognizing faces
  • Extreme difficulty understanding and/or recognizing social cues
  • Tendency to develop conlangs, eventually developing one that requires two tongues to speak.
As prevalent as the above but not as specific symptoms may include:
  • Infertility
  • Breathing difficulties stemming from the presence of the upper tongue
  • Abnormal growths
  • Impaired vision to varying degrees

Affected Groups

Dimigi affects a wide variety of humanoids with no clear connection between them. Two ancestries seem to be unafflicted by it: all elves, including distinct varients such as city elves and dark elves, seem to be impervious to the structural damage caused by a recessing rojo; Durinians also seem to be unaffected, with the exception of durgar, among whom the condition is inexplicitly more common than in any other race (120,000 in comparison to 1316,000).

Cultural Reception

Due to the difficulty subjects inevitably experience forming social bonds, more often than not they are exiled ,shunned, or just plainly ignored by their communities; this also leads to their tendency to form small communities of their own.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
by Duncan Kenneth Winter (edited)
A mouth of a person with duomyaglossa, with the second tongue's underside showing, as depicted in BASM Journal of Medicine


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10 May, 2022 12:54

This is certainly an unusual and interesting condition, I think. Made me feel a bit uneasy and sad for those affected. Really good article!

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14 May, 2022 15:36

Thank you so much! That means a lot <3

Time Bender
10 May, 2022 18:16

Oh goodness, that's quite a startling condition! I see why they create their own groups, being outcasts and whatnot. :(

14 May, 2022 15:36

Thank you! Startling is exactly what I was going for here - a group of strikingly similar yet completely foreign individuals, that you don't even know if you should fear or pity them.

26 May, 2022 08:40

Interesting! Almost wish I had it; I already have lots of social difficulties, eyeglasses, and have struggled with fertility, and it sure would be nice to be able to grasp languages more easily. :D

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17 Jun, 2022 01:07

Quite an interesting condition! I was wondering if (at least in the past while it was considered a curse) people cut out the second togue to attempt that the person is able to have a more normal-ish life or to cut out the curse.

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