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The Kingdom of Narvaie

*All Art shown in this article is drawn by me  
“In the lofty echelons where sovereigns tread, there exists one paramount above all—an undoubted paragon, the monarch truest and most cherished. Not of the ilk that grasps power with relentless fervor, but rather a sovereign adorned in the regalia of unwavering benevolence, keen sagacity, and a modest spirit. Lamentable, alas, that the nature of men is often relentless and voracious for dominion, drawn to the allure of might and captivated by minds bereft of luster and thoughts vacant as a desolate moor.”
— Gaion Phanes
  Narvaie is the largest human-focused nation in NOVUS, with an estimated population of 20 million citizens across its territory. Whilst Narvaie thrives as one of the most dominate nations in NOVUS, it suffers from constant political unrest, occasional coups and extreme corruption. Whilst the underbelly criminal side of Narvaie is mostly hidden by nearby nations for trade and image reasons, this side to Narvaie is rampant and extremely important to the balance of Narvarian society. Many may not know it, but guilds such as The Black Hand, The Guild and other minor criminal organisations rule over large aspects of Narvaie from the shadows. Whilst Narvaie is also considered a nation where “any race” is welcome, as it is ruled only by humans and has a majority of human residents, racism and other prejudices are still rampant. Whilst racism against Beastkin, Beastmen, Elves, Dwarves and Fae are on the decline, Goblins and Orcs are still treated poorly, and Demons are hunted on sight; completely unable to live within Narvaie without hiding their identity.  
Narvaie was a land of vast riches wealth; spanning over two continents and housing many kingdoms and ideals. The lands were green and fertile, water and crops aplenty. The land seemed free from natural corruption, little in the ways of dark magic and demonic visitors. Yet despite this picture perfect nations appearance, it wasn’t free from the follies of man. Slavery whilst “frowned on” in the open, was a common practice amongst the nobles and criminal folk. Mercenaries and travellers of all types arrived within Naravie’s borderers in search of adventure, riches and a new beginning. Whilst Narvaie was not the safest of places, and suffered from social discrimination as humans were the dominant race and culture, many unique and rare creatures could be found within its walls.


The Kingdom of Narvaie is one of the most ancient mortal-built nations within all of NOVUS, having history spanning hundreds of thousands of years. Whilst the kingdom is completely unrecognisable from the past iterations of it due to the constant destruction and rebuilding of the nation, Narvaie still holds true to a large amount of its traditions and has a well recored, all be it manipulated history. Narvaie was originally founded and recognised by other nations during the era of Great Elven Empire, where they had gained the are backing of the God Esege Malan. Whilst they did thrive after the disappearance of the high elves, during the 1000 Year Blood War the humans lost a significant hold of their power and grip over NOVUS, most of their territories being destroyed besides Warfell, which became the main hub and capital of Narvaie. Whilst the architecture and general structure of Narvaie held true for thousands of years, Narvaie suffers from constant political disorder, fighting for power and unease with other nations. Murder between nobles and the royal family is rampant, with plague, curses and other misfortune far too common. In more recent years, Narvaie has worked hard to improve the lives of it’s people and in tern it’s nations general perception, however, whilst things may be better on the outside, Narvaie holds darker secrets hidden from the outside world.


Whilst Narvaie may have started as a small nomadic settlement, it has grown into one of the super powers of the world; its humble beginnings mostly lost to time. The history Narvaie so proudly keept whilst there, is hidden to the greater populace, many unaware of their true origins. Campaigns of false news propagation and other populace manipulation was rampant throughout the history of Narvaie and even now many normal citizens are unaware of their own true history.


Political Intrigues

Throughout the years, Narvaie has been plagued by corruption and either inept or amoral nobles who aided in its slow and continuous destruction. Whilst the constant infighting caused issues, many of the people of Narvaie where unaware to the weakness of their government and lived in relative peace, Adventurers, the strong military and political ties with other nations ensuring that the average person was relatively safe from monsters and enemy nations. This created a general reverence towards the stronger members of society, where many children and young people strive to join the military and other guilds such as The Mages Guild and Adventurers Guild. The members of the criminal world and corrupt nobility use this admiration for their own ends; in some instances ensuring there is always an “enemy” to be slain, even if that enemy is an innocent race such as the Goblins.


Whilst the original ruler of modern Narvaie; King Thorian Leontius Jurex had an iron grasp over the political sphere of Narvaie, as he aged his ability to exercise his authority weakened, resulting in Narvaie’s political stage becoming split. The 3 major factions of government; The Royalty, Nobility and Criminal Organisations were now no longer under one will, and so they fought for power and control over the nation. This also lead into the conflict of succession, where the many children and grandchildren descended from King Thorian constantly fought over their perceived ‘birthright’. Many blood-royal members of Jurex found themselves at the forefront of assassinations, schemes and other such corruptions, where important members of the 3 Factions would aid and sponsor certain possible successors to meet their own ends. Women were unable to rule, instead they were delegated to the roles of primarily producing heirs and strengthening foreign relations. Whilst their reach appeared limited, many Jurex Women found their own paths, some becoming important religious “saints”, powerful warriors and beacons of culture. Despite the surprising influence these women often had, they were still sidelined in favour of their male counterparts.


Now, many years later, the 3 Factions are still constantly at each others throats, the Royal Faction whilst historically the strongest was now falling in strength due to the recent assassination of the King; Malnorous Mon’Falrus Jurex, the 6th King since King Thorian Leontius Jurex. Whilst his daughter Valette Lura Jurex, who is also the last member of the Jurex family alive, acts as a reasonable replacement for the King, as she is a woman she is considered unfit for indefinite rule and will shift her power onto whomever she marries or her future son. Whilst she has the backing of powerful criminal organisations such as The Guild, the Princess finds herself in a false era of peace, where soon she must decide who will take her place; her backers eager to fill that position. Whilst Princess Valette is not much more than a glorified puppet, she has her own desires and goals, aiming to restructure the political system of Narvaie.

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Training Level
Controlled Territories
  • King Thorian Leontius Jurex (Current Era Founder)
  • King Malnorous Mon’Falrus Jurex (Formerly)
  • Princess Valette Lura Jurex (Temporary)
  System Type




  Controlled By

Jurex Royal Family




Whilst the Nobles are the weakest of the 3 major Narvarian factions, they still play a major role in the balance of the governance of Narvaie. There are currently 12 Noble Houses within Narvaie. The role of a Noble is to guide and rule over a section of land, maintaining and organising it for the benefit of the people. Whilst this is the general idea, most Nobles vie for power and desire to marry into the royal family and gain influence. This created an unfortunate reality where most Nobles cared little over the people they ruled over as well as only using them as tool for their own ends. Not all Nobles are the same however, with some striving to make Narvaie a better place. Each Noble is directly related to a Noble House be it through marriage or otherwise and usually have their wealth and position past through the generations. As the royal family can allocate land to anyone they choose however, Nobles can be given their titles and spawn new houses.


House Jurex

  • Territory: Narvaie
  • Influence: Extreme
  • Power: Extreme
  • Current Lord: Valette Lura Jurex

The ruling house of Narvaie, with a long and storied history. Despite internal conflicts, House Jurex remains a powerful force in the kingdom despite only having one remaining member. The recent assassination of King Malnorous Mon’Falrus Jurex has left the house in a vulnerable position, and the future of the ruling family is uncertain. What is known is that so long as Princess Valette produces an heir and the bloodline continues on, the house will never fall to ruin.


House Darianth

  • Territory: Fort Malkam, Fort Avon, Goro Village, Canary Village
  • Influence: High
  • Power: Very High
  • Current Lord: Cedric Vonfell Darianth

Known for their prowess in military affairs, House Darianth has produced many skilled generals and warriors throughout Narvaie's history. They have close ties to the military and often influence key strategic decisions, many members of the house involved with the criminal organisation The Higher Station. Whilst they have dealings with The Guild they are loyalists to the Jurex Royalty and often try to act in their favour; always a loyal dog to the King.


House Keranns

  • Territory: Riven, Benville
  • Influence: Very High
  • Power: High
  • Current Lord: Ader Monaire Keranns

Renowned for their contributions to the arts and culture of Narvaie, House Valorian is a patron of musicians, artists, and scholars, fostering a rich cultural environment within the kingdom. Below the beauty of their cultural arts holds a darker secret. The balls, glamour and festivals often distractions for The Guild to do their worst; the facade of their brilliance a mask to their shame. Donations from charity events held by House Keranns often find their way into the deep pockets of The Guild, slavery auctions and the like also hosted by House Keranns in a perverse twist of fate. Even though they are ancient allies of the Royal Faction, House Keranns is firmly loyal to The Guild, as The Guild’s blackmail is enough to turn them to their side. To House Keranns appearance and pride is important above all else.


House Raylen

  • Territory: South Gate
  • Influence: Very High
  • Power: High
  • Current Lord: Leon Le’Crone Raylen

A mysterious and enigmatic house with a history rooted in espionage and intelligence gathering, House Raylen has produced many skilled spies and diplomats, making them key players in Narvaie's political intrigues. Whilst their loyalties have shifted dramatically over the years, House Raylen is always true to itself and will pick the side it views is winning. Whilst they always acts in their best interest, members of House Raylen if given an equal choice between The Guild and Royal Faction, they would choose royalty if not of their long and respectable history. The current Lord of House Raylen manipulates politics in hopes to better Narvaie as well, uncaring who is in charge so long as the people are happy and cared for.


House Sliven

  • Territory: Saylan
  • Influence: Very High
  • Power: High
  • Current Lord: Eamon Gorva Silven

A house with a strong presence in magical affairs, it is known for producing skilled mages and enchanters. House Sliven has historically held positions of influence within the magical institutions of Narvaie, having major influence over The Mages Guild and Council of Ages. Every major mage tower in some way or another is connected to House Sliven, and being affiliated with them is considered an impressive badge of pride. They are a more neutral house with their own interests in mind. They care not who rules so long as the integrity of magic is maintained.


House Faros

  • Territory: Ashpar Bridge
  • Influence: Extreme
  • Power: High
  • Current Lord: Aric Hammon Faros

A noble house with a focus on maritime affairs, House Faros controls a significant portion of Narvaie's navy and has historically played a crucial role in trade and exploration. Located on what is essentially an enormous port and ship-building factory, House Faros has a monopoly on all things ocean adjacent, their reach even stretching to other nobles territories. Whilst House Faros is considered one of the most powerful noble houses as the Navy is a crucial part of the Narvarian army, House Faros prefers the more light hearted aspects of maritime affairs. With a focus on creating ships for exploration, travel and luxury, House Faros, at least under the rulership of Lord Aric whilst maintaining it’s military hold hopes to broaden their horizons into other areas of importance. They are loyal to the Royal Faction to a fault, and whilst they dabble in corruption here and there they have made it clear who they side with.


House Ithor

  • Territory: Athon hill, Coal Point Village, Whitesplit Village, Kensgo Village
  • Influence: Medium
  • Power: Medium
  • Current Lord: Magnus Reid Ithor

Known for their expertise in blacksmithing and the production of fine weapons and armour, House Ithor has strong ties to Narvaie's military and is often called upon to supply arms for the kingdom's forces. Whilst their territory is smaller than others they have access to the largest mining facilities in Narvaie and use the ore they gather for the production of weapons and arms. They are a more neutral house, leaning towards The Guild as they have the deepest pockets.


House Ophear

  • Territory: Stohen, Keen’s Point, Bushpoint Village
  • Influence: Medium
  • Power: High
  • Current Lord: Calumn Tiven Ophear

A noble house with ancestral ties to the north east region of Narvaie, they are known for their resilience in the face of harsh climates, House Ophear has historically contributed skilled warriors to the kingdom's defences. Many members of House Ophear become Adventurers and eventually even Guild Leaders, their close ties to the Adventurers Guild heavily influencing their rulership over their territory. As they are located next to the Abyssal Wastes and Amons Pit, they focus most of their energy on the slaying of monsters and protection of their people, usually completely separated from the political games of Narvaie’s court. Due to this they only have influence in regards to the safety of Narvaie as well as matters of the Adventurers Guild. They care not about the greater power struggle.


House Jarven

  • Territory: Fort Trissol, Waterflorn
  • Influence: Low
  • Power: Low
  • Current Lord: Thaddeous Bon Jarven

A minor noble house considered to be under House Faros, House Jarven is a small maritime noble house that aids in the organisation and distribution of navel vessels. Whilst they may be a weaker house, due to their close friendship with House Faros, House Jarven never has to worry about another house harming them as it means to harm House Faros. As a result of this however, House Jarven is sworn to follow their betters and will do whatever is asked of them.


House Erroxus

  • Territory: Tarle, Fort Dormstat
  • Influence: Medium
  • Power: Medium
  • Current Lord: Gaven Jorah Erroxus

House Erroxus specialises in working with silver, gold and other precious metals, creating intricate jewellery and crafted silverware. While not politically prominent, they contribute to Narvaie's craftsmanship traditions and exports, holding a higher standard due to their consistent loyalty to the Royal Faction. They also have control over Fort Dormstat, one of the most important forts in Narvaie and whilst other houses like House Darianth are constantly fighting over this territory, House Erroxus has been in control of the fort for many years. They stay true to the Royal Faction and a loyal to a fault, though their fine wares have been sold to The Guild in the past.


House Enfall

  • Territory: Springharp, Staima Village, Aamus Village
  • Influence: Low
  • Power: Low
  • Current Lord: Tarry Malren Enfall

A minor noble house that is considered to be of low class and elegance. Whilst members of House Enfall have all the etiquette and eloquence of any other house, as they are more isolated, surrounded by wood and far from Warfell, they are considered to be country bumpkins. Despite their lacklustre reputation, members of House Enfall are known to become powerful druids, adventurers and herbalists, with their contribution to alchemical invention becoming legendary. Whilst many have forgotten their old deeds, if the need arises they are more than capable to create formidable potions. They are mostly loyal to the Royal Faction, but it is likely they could be persuaded to The Guilds side.


House Varmen

  • Territory: Fort Carsen, Steep Hill Village, Ceva Tower, Ozar’s Way
  • Influence: Very Low
  • Power: Medium
  • Current Lord: Elric Gough Varmen

A house with a focus on diplomacy and foreign relations, House Varmen has historically been involved in negotiating treaties and alliances with neighboring nations. Whilst this was considered a house of major importance in the past, due to the Dwarves Kingdoms isolating themselves and as a result trade coming to a complete halt, the power House Varmen once had is far gone. To make matters worse, some believe House Varmen had a direct hand in the disbandment of trade and so House Varmen has developed an unfortunate reputation. Despite this, the house holds strong to their old ties of friendship and treaties, waiting for the Dwarves to return.


Criminal Underworld

A major aspect to the governmental function of Narvaie Is the criminal underworld, where various organisations such as The Guild, The Black Hand and other such groups organise politics, trade and governance from the shadows. These organisations are notoriously cruel and conniving working begrudgingly together to monopolise wealth and status. The most powerful of these organisations; the Guild functions as an all-rounder that deals with a majority of criminal activity. Whilst The Guild deals mostly with trade of precious items and flesh, they are not just mere merchants and have even The Black Hand under their thumb after a changing of allegiance in recent years. Whilst The Black Hand is still mostly loyal to the royalty of Narvaie, they have extended their services to The Guild after Princess Valette took power. The Guild controls a majority of illegal trade not just in Narvaie but across all of NOVUS, only using Narvaie as a base of operation. Ultimately it is The Guild’s goal to take over Narvaie and establish their own nation and structure. Smaller gangs and mercenary organisations (which are considered illegal as a “mercenary” must register as an Adventurer to sell their services) also answer directly to The Guild, who manage and control their work, territory and payout in most instances. Whilst The Guild is undoubtedly cruel and morally questionable, without their power many more evil organisations would be running rampant in Narvaie; resulting in many believing The Guild to be a necessary evil.


Criminal Organisation Breakdown

The Guild

A relatively new and the most powerful criminal organisation in Narvaie and possibly all of NOVUS. Whilst they originated as a small jewellery smuggling group, over time they have grown into other endeavours such as the slave trade, mercenary and assassin hiring, political manipulation and illegal magic artefact collecting. They aim to grow strong not just in political strength, but literal strength as well; powerful warriors and mages filling their ranks. With stations all over the world including such places as Torchlight and Abaddon, The Guild is a force to be reckoned with; only gaining more power as time comes to pass. Now with their control over Princess Valette who is in power, The Guild now aims to take over an entire nation.

The Black Hand

The oldest and most mysterious of the organisations, The Black Hand is an ancient order of magical assassins in service of the royal family of Narvaie. Whilst it is not entirely known as to why they are subservient to the royal family, with many theorising it is due to an ancient bond or curse, The Black Hand are eternally loyal to the royalty of Narvaie. Whilst in the past they only killed for their masters; due to the last of their ‘masters’ becoming a puppet for The Guild, The Black Hand now as a result works under The Guild; spreading their services to others for the right price whilst protecting important people in charge.

The Cult of Rebirth

A secretive religious organisation in service of the God of Destruction Orcus; The Cult of Rebirth aims to free their god and eventually destroy the world. Whilst their beliefs may prove to be a real threat in time, The Cult of Rebirth for now is just a tool for The Guild to manipulate, the cult manufacturing powerful illegal magical artefacts and weapons, thinking that these weapons will be in service of Orcus’s eventual return. These weapons are often sold or used by members of The Guild, increasing their strength and power. Whilst these weapons are only destruction or corruption based, they are stupidly powerful and thus more than make up for their other lack of utility.

The Rebel Army

A more mortally grey organisation focused on the liberation of Goblins, Orcs and other oppressed races within Narvaie. Whilst The Rebel Army aims for freedom they believe this must be done at any cost, and are often violent racist people themselves. In exchange for doing jobs and other tasks for The Guild, they are granted information, weapons and magical knowledge which they believe will help them in the “Rebellion” that is to come. Whilst members of The Rebel Army are indeed strong and would have no issue fighting against Narvarian forces, a rebellion would only be enacted if The Guild wishes it to be so and due to this it is very likely no rebellion will ever take place. The Guild requires fear and racism to aid in their political manipulation after all.

The Silent Court

A clandestine group involved in the trafficking of illegal magical artefacts and forbidden knowledge. Operating discreetly, The Silent Court has its members embedded in various scholarly and magical institutions, allowing them to exploit their positions for The Guild. Members of The Silent Court are usually powerful but ostracised and abandoned mages, seeking out knowledge that is forbidden or lost. In exchange for safety and the resources to learn any magic they wish, The Silent Court provides unique magical knowledge, spells, weapons and artefacts dealing in a wide variety of disciples to The Guild.

Red Chain

A criminal group that specialises in the trafficking of enslaved individuals, often capturing and transporting them across borders. Originating in Willin, Red Chain (also known as Hóng liàn) operates discreetly, taking advantage of the kingdom's political unrest to avoid scrutiny and detection. Whilst originally Red Chain was an individual organisation, after many deals with The Guild, they have merged into The Guild’s ranks; answering directly to them whilst maintaining their internal individuality.

House Carthor

A newer organisation that controls a significant portion of Narvaie's illegal narcotics trade. House Carthor manipulates addicts and exploits the vulnerable, ensuring a steady stream of profits and continued influence. Whilst House Carthor may deal in narcotics, they also produce them and manufacture poisons on the side, trading a steady stream through The Guild to be given to other organisations and interested parties. Whilst House Carthor isn’t considered directly under The Guild, they may as well be, as The Guild has an iron grasp over the head of the House; Lady Ninettea Carthor. If she where to go against The Guilds interests not only would her family be killed, but her dirty secrets revealed to the world.

The Scavens

A group of mercenaries and enforcers that offer their services to the highest bidder. Known for their brutal methods, The Scavens are often hired by other criminal organisations or unscrupulous nobles to carry out acts of violence and intimidation. They are hired often through The Guild, but can be contacted directly, and perform services anywhere from bodyguard positions to smuggling and assassination.

The Higher Station

A group consisting of high ranking military officials and powerful Adventurers who answer to The Guild in exchange for wealth and power. As it is an invite-only private organisation the members are relatively low, with only generally 10-30 members at a time. Whilst this may be so, all members of The Higher Station are very powerful and influential in their own right, with some Adventurer members at the highest rank; Platinum. Whilst their strength is a great asset to The Guild, The Higher Station functions more as a way for The Guild to control the military and war side to Narvaie, as well as the order within the Adventurers Guild itself which is a very powerful organisation in it’s own right.


Common Wars

As Narvaie has an extremely powerful military that utilises both advanced magic and physical arts, they are well equiped for any war that befalls them. This of course is useful considering Narvaie is almost always at war with different nations. From things such as small as trade disagreements resulting in small scuffles, to millennia old conflicts raging on; Narvaie is always prepared and usually successful in their conflicts.


Frequent Small Battles

These small conflicts are usually the result of disagreements and are minor battles that hold little significance in the grand scheme of things. Often these fights don’t result in any major conflicts, though there has been instances of that occurring. Below are frequent nations Narvaie will have minor bouts with.

The Red Desert

A Nation located in a desert region that follows the teaching of their gods Kon and Lokh Shava. As members of The Red Desert detest slavery and prejudice to the highest degree, Narvarian exports through The Red Desert are often captured and destroyed, resulting in minor battles over exports and imports. In other cases, slavers from Narvaie who whilst not “officially” involved with Narvaie, are still hunted and killed near the The Red Desert, causing organisations such as The Guild to intervene. Whilst Narvaie did go to war with The Red Desert once, Narvaie’s defeat was so overwhelming that Narvaie declared a non-aggression pact, where despite what little battles may occur, Narvaie will never invade or raise a hand to the Nation itself, so long as The Red Desert does the same.


Whilst Willin is an official “ally” of Narvaie, as Willin is an archipelago containing multiple provinces with different rulers, disagreements with Narvaie are not unheard of. Whilst rulers within Willin will never actively attack a Narvarian shipment or partake in an “open” disagreement, many vessels from Narvaie seem to mysteriously sink, often by an unheard of sea monster. As certain rulers like to say; “An unfortunate accident really, we never know the depths of the ocean.”


Frequent Large Battles


These larger conflicts have spanned many years, even thousands of years and seem to have no end. Whilst the origin of these conflicts may be lost to time, nevertheless they continue on with new found reasons to go on. Without these endless wars Narvaie would not have as strong a military, and likely wouldn’t be considered as powerful a nation.


Ruled by the vessel of death herself; Queen Juriside, Abaddon will not stop until all of Narvaie bows before her. As a powerful fallen angel and the daughter of the legendary Amon himself, Juriside bore witness first hand to the mistakes of humans over the years and has grown an immense distain for humanity. Whilst due to her diplomatic relations with L’Taure Eska and The Red Desert Juriside will not hunt and kill humans in their territories, she will have no sympathy for any human within or around Narvaie itself. Demonic creatures found within Narvaie regardless of age are killed on sight or in rare cases captured, with their treatment below abysmal. Whilst the demonic races have a reputation for brutality, arguably the humans of Narvaie are far more brutal to the demonic races, only fuelling a fire of hate. Humans have the luxury of short lives, whilst creatures such as demons live on and remember.

The Yaiden Theocracy

Despite the general concept that the The Yaiden Theocracy is a pro-human only nation, they in fact do not like Narvaie. This is mainly due to their religious beliefs that all non-pureblood humans and non-humans must be slaughtered in an act of kindness, the concept of living with beings considered “unclean” an immense sin. As Narvaie allows any race (besides demonic races) to live within it’s boarders, The Yaiden Theocracy views the kingdom as corrupted and something that must be cleansed. Whilst The Yaiden Theocracy possesses powerful divine magic from an unknown source and is an immense force to be reckoned with, as they are ultimately at war with almost everyone they cannot always focus their attentions on Narvaie. The Yaiden Theocracy also has allied with Narvaie a few times in the past to fight Abaddon, likely adding to the disgust demons have towards humans.



The following are excerpts from Historian Gaion Phanes’s Journal over the course of Navarian history, interpreted and deconstructed by Narvarian historians over the years. Whilst most of his work is lost to time in the mortal world, remnants of his journal pages still exist throughout NOVUS and can be found and studied to reveal the “true history” of the world; unclouded by falsehood and manipulation.


“CE” Translates to Celestial Era, and is the chronological year from when Palalikranox created time. Whilst most do not use this unit of time measurement in current day, many historians, scholars and academic sorts learn the “Celestial Calendar”, as its dates cannot be changed or manipulated.


“AE” Translates to Alarian Era; a special calendar that the High Elves created which died when they did.


“SE” Translates to Seren Era and was a human created calendar during the height of human rule over NOVUS. After the death of King Seren and the fall of the Human Nations this calendar was mostly abandoned, only cultists and fundamentalists utilising it still.


“NE” Translates to New Era and is the current calendar in commonly used across NOVUS.


“Alari or Alerien” Has been translated to “High Elf and High Elves” for an easier understanding.


Rise of the Great Mortal Nations

829173CE - 1,512,799CE  

The earliest recored history of humans that would end up in Narvaie originates from Willin according to ancient texts. Historians believe that originally the country of Narvaie was connected to Willin, only to be split after a cataclysmic event. Survivors where believed to have made their homes on the now isolated Narvaie, starting a culture of Nomadic travel.



“…In the shadowed annals of time, they discovered themselves ensnared in the enigma of a foreign realm; a realm where kinship was rent asunder, and the tapestry of their lineage lay in tatters. The chronicles of yore were obliterated, cast to the winds of forgotten whispers. The wellspring of their resilience remained shrouded in mystery, obscured by the veils of antiquity. Yet, resolute they became, spurred by an unseen force to forge ahead.   With diminutive mortal strides, their sinewy limbs bore the weight of destiny across vast expanses, each footfall echoing with the cadence of a lament for what once was. As they traversed the sprawling distances, a divergence unfolded, scattering them like autumn leaves carried by the capricious breath of an ancient wyrm. In the wake of this diaspora, disparate factions emerged, evolving into diverse tribes, their essence entwined with the sinews of survival.   From the loins of these tribes, the indomitable spirit of humanity sprang forth, akin to the resilient shoot that dares to emerge through the frozen earth in the harsh embrace of winter. Through adversity and tribulation, men found the ember of their collective will, a flame that flickered in the heart of each tribe. United by the silent echoes of shared ancestry, they burgeoned, striving to cultivate the verdant fields of their destiny and weaving anew the threads of their fractured history….”


“….From the loins of these tribes, there emerged chieftains, wielding the twin-edged sword of force and will to raise monuments in their own image. Electing to plant their roots in a singular soil, they forsook the nomadic dance of the wandering winds. No longer driven by the tumult of constant movement, these once-roaming tribes found solace in stillness, diverting their energies from the dance of blades to the delicate choreography of loom and forge.   The nomadic heart, now stilled, wove threads of serenity and craftsmanship over the tumultuous tapestry of conflict and ruin. An age of sublime tranquility and ingenious creation burgeoned, as the artisan's hand replaced the warrior's sword. In the midst of this resplendence, where the brutality of swords was silenced by the symphony of looms and hammers, a profound peace reigned supreme.   Yet, amid this idyllic tableau, a subtle menace lingered—a spectral threat in the guise of minor monsters and the shadowed echoes of internal discord. The very hands that wove tapestries also possessed the potential to unravel the delicate fabric of unity. Thus, the delicate balance of this era, forged by the loom and tempered by the hammer, was poised between the harmony of creation and the latent discord that dwelt within the hearts of these tranquil folk….”


“….emerged the symphony of kingdoms…..chieftains ascended the throne, their dominion transformed into regal realms. No longer mere tribal leaders, they now bore the weighty mantle of kingship, and the tribes under their sway blossomed into expansive kingdoms, each a sovereign fiefdom upon the vast canvas of the medieval world. Their realms burgeoned with the fruits of toil the air resonated with the strains of cultured existence. In this epoch of maturation, the alchemy of time wrought not only territorial expansion but also the refinement of……that adorned the halls of these burgeoning kingdoms.   Yet, as the crowns grew heavier, so too did the ambitions of these monarchs. Their gaze extended beyond the borders of their own ilk, seeking to annex lands from the realms of weaker races…….Territories were claimed and boundaries redrawn, as the kingdoms expanded their dominion through conquest and assimilation, carving their…..”

The Great Elven Empire

1AE  - 193,480AE

1,512,799CE - 1,706,279CE



“….In the age when the High Elves, bathed in the ethereal glow of their ascendancy, had burgeoned to an unwieldy might, their power cast a looming shadow over the realm of humankind. Like an avalanche of celestial brilliance, their supremacy overwhelmed the feeble bastions of men, and the air resonated with the lamentations of a beleaguered populace. In the crucible of conflict, the humans suffered immense casualties, their valiant souls crushed beneath the weight of High Elven dominion. The celestial forces wielded their magic as a tyrant wields a sceptre, imposing unseen shackles upon the hapless humans. These mystical chains, invisible yet inexorable, bound the hearts and spirits of the human folk, reducing them to thralls in an enigmatic dance of servitude….”


“….estrangement, humanity found itself scattered across distant realms, each kingdom a solitary bastion standing against the celestial tide.   The high elves, in their celestial splendour, cast….dominion, reducing a once-proud people to….. The majority of humanity, ensnared in the shackles of Elven supremacy, toiled as slaves…..servitude.   As the captive masses toiled under the High Elven yoke, the remnants of free humanity found themselves thrust into the crucible of survival. Isolated in their far-flung enclaves, they clung to the flickering flame of resistance, determined…… The air resonated with…… whispered incantations of defensive spells, as these embattled pockets of humanity sought to shield themselves against the celestial tempest that loomed on the horizon….”


“…High Elves, cloaked in the resplendence of their celestial existence, vanished like the ephemeral breath of a fleeting breeze. As the ethereal glow of High Elven majesty waned, the land bore witness to a quiet reclamation by the resolute hands of humanity. Their once-lost territories, now shrouded in the remnants of High Elven enchantment, became the canvas upon which the ascendancy of a new era would be painted….”

The Great Human Nations

1SE - 11647SE

193,480AE - 205,127AE

1,706,279CE - 1,717,926CE



“….a singular sovereign, King Seren, ascended to an ethereal zenith, eclipsing his contemporaries with a regal radiance that reached the very heavens. Through the dance of conquest and the whispered alliances of diplomatic union, he wove the threads of dominion, birthing a united Narvaie – a realm that echoed with the resonance of his indomitable will.   Guided by the echoes of the missing High Elves, Seren unearthed artefacts imbued with eldritch might, forging a potent arsenal that rendered him an unstoppable force upon the fateful stage of history. With each stride, he carved through the annals of time, leaving behind a wake of triumph and dominion. In his sovereign wisdom, King Seren bestowed upon his people a sacred legacy – a new measure of time that bore witness to the blossoming of his reign. The Seren Era, etched in the marrow of history, became the heartbeat of Narvaie, a rhythmic cadence that echoed through the stones of castle walls and the bustling markets alike…   …the courtly chambers echoed with whispers of discontent, as the subjects beneath his dominion felt the weight of King Seren's imperious whims. His regal aura, though potent, cast a long shadow that stretched into the alleys and hamlets, where the murmur of discontent swirled like a hidden tempest….. despite the kingly splendour, the epithet of "asshole" clung to King Seren like an unseen specter. His dealings, draped in the regalia of disregard, often left those in his wake bruised by the callousness of his judgments….”


“In the twilight shadows of his ambition, King Seren harboured a yearning for immortality that eclipsed the bounds of mortal restraint. Driven by an insatiable thirst for eternal dominion, he delved into the forbidden arcana, summoning dark incantations to manifest a disturbed, unholy vitality. The alchemy of forbidden magics wrought a macabre transformation, rendering the once-majestic ruler into an accursed spectre—a ghastly revenant, a mere semblance of the sovereign who had once graced the throne.   As the cursed threads of immortality gripped him, King Seren's visage became a grotesque reflection of his former self, a skeletal visage veiled in the shroud of undeath, a ghastly aura. The vibrancy of life extinguished, replaced by the pallor of death, he emerged as an undead monster, a harbinger of shadows whose hollow gaze bore witness to the twisted dance of forbidden power.   The people, once subjects to a living ruler, now found themselves shackled beneath the dominion of an undead tyrant. King Seren, ensnared by the curse he had unleashed upon himself, wielded a sceptre of death over his realm. His rule, once noble, transformed into a macabre despotism, where dissenters faced the wrath of his skeletal hand, and those who dared to oppose him were extinguished like candles in the tempest.   The kingdom, once bathed in the warm hues of vitality, now languished under the ashen pallor of the undead monarch's dominion. The air, once redolent with the fragrance of life, now bore the stench of decay, a sinister perfume that haunted the corridors of the desolate castle.   In the sepulchral silence, the lamentations of a kingdom held captive echoed through the haunted halls. King Seren, ensnared in the chains of his own immortality, presided over a realm gripped by the icy fingers of an undead ruler, where the very essence of life had been eclipsed by the ominous shadow of a monarch who sought to defy the natural order at a ghastly cost.   ….abandoned was he….”


“….In the benighted era of the undead King Seren, where shadows clung to the heart of Narvaie, a constellation of heroes emerged, a fellowship diverse in race and origin. These noble souls, born from the crucible of adversity, girded themselves with valour to challenge the blight that had befallen the Kingdom of Narvaie. With arms as varied as their backgrounds, the heroes embarked on a perilous quest, threading through the labyrinthine corridors of……to confront the ghastly ruler. Each step echoed with the clash of steel against the unhallowed echoes of King Seren's reign, and in the shadowed heart of the citadel, the heroes faced the skeletal monarch in a climactic battle between the forces of darkness and the flickering embers of hope.   In a crescendo of struggle, the heroes vanquished the undead tyrant, severing the necromantic bonds that shackled the kingdom. Yet, the victory was not without its price, for the Kingdom of Narvaie bore the scars of the cosmic clash. The very foundations of the land quivered with the aftermath, and the once-stalwart structures stood as silent witnesses to the upheaval that had transpired. Amidst the ruins and grieving echoes, the heroes faced a daunting choice: to abandon the fractured kingdom or to bind their fates with its restoration. In an act of noble altruism, they chose the latter, determined to mend the wounds inflicted upon Narvaie. With resilience etched into their hearts, they endeavoured to rebuild what the malevolent reign had shattered.   Among the valiant band, one figure emerged as a beacon of wisdom and compassion. Gorva, a man renowned for his kindness and sagacity, assumed the mantle of leadership. In the crucible of governance, he became the new king, steering Narvaie toward a renaissance born from the ashes of adversity.   Thus, a new chapter unfolded in the storied annals of Narvaie—a chapter penned by the heroes who arose from the darkness, by the sacrifice of those who faced the macabre rule of King Seren, and by the benevolent hand of Gorva, who led the realm towards a brighter dawn…..”

The Thousand Year Blood War

205,127AE  - 206,129AE

1,717,926CE - 1,718,928CE



“….In a time when desperation clung to the hearts of men like the shadows of an impending storm, the humans, in their folly, forged a pact with the deity Esege Malan. A dire covenant, it demanded a harrowing toll – the sacrifice of half their populace – in a desperate bid to quell the malevolent plague of Black Blood that coursed through their veins like a venomous river. The land, once vibrant with the hum of life, became a somber stage for the tragic theatre of mortal hubris. Esege Malan, in response to the entreaty of humanity, dispatched celestial emissaries to the mortal realm. These divine messengers, winged heralds of otherworldly grace, succeeded in capturing The Lady of The Forest. Yet, the tranquility of divine intervention was shattered when Kirioshi, the aggrieved husband of the captive Lady, unleashed a vengeful cataclysm upon the nation that dared to defy the celestial order.   In the aftermath of Kirioshi's wrath, the once-thriving nation lay in ruins, a testament to the perilous dance with deities. However, amidst the ruins and the echoes of a shattered land, The Lady of the Forest, moved by an unexpected compassion, gazed upon the remnants of the humans with a merciful eye. With a benevolent touch, she wove the threads of rebirth, transforming the remnants of humanity into ethereal beings – dryads, guardians of the woodlands, bound to the pulse of nature. Thus, the once-foolish humans, through the mercy of the Lady of the Forest, found a new existence intertwined with the ancient rhythms of the earth. As dryads, they walked among the whispering leaves and danced beneath the dappled sunlight, eternally loyal to the divinity they had wronged…”


“…A demonic scourge, a pestilence of death, swept across the realm like a shadowed tempest…. in the face of impending doom, Lady Juriside emerged as a celestial beacon. Her intervention spared the denizens from the clutches of annihilation…..Without her noble stride against the demonic tide, the lamentations of the fallen would have been the requiem sung by a realm plunged into eternal night….   ….With her hand we had overcome death….”

The Era of Rebirth

1NE  - 1155NE

1,718,928CE - 1,720,083CE

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“….In the wake of The 1000 Year Blood War, where the very sinews of humanity bore the scars of relentless conflict, a resilience innate to the mortal spirit burgeoned from the ashes. Though much of humanity lay defeated, ensnared in the haunting echoes of battles long past, the indomitable ember within the collective heart of mankind flickered with the determination to rise anew.   From the vestiges of desolation, humanity, in its perpetual dance with destiny, once again unfurled the standard of hope. On the hallowed grounds where military forts had weathered the storm of bloodshed and where battlefields bore the imprint of spectral struggles, new nations took root like verdant shoots in the fertile soil of renewal.   In the land of Narvaie, where shadows whispered of a millennium-long conflict, the echo of clashing swords gave way to the resounding cadence of reconstruction. Towers of resilience ascended upon the foundations of the old, for humanity, ever unyielding, dared to build anew. The scars etched into the very soil became the foundation stones upon which Narvaie rose again, a phoenix ascending from the smouldering remnants of strife.   Yet, the resurgence of Narvaie was not without its tribulations. The wounds of the 1000-year tempest left an indelible mark on the spirit of the land. Though the new structures stood proudly, the scars of the past lingered, woven into the very fabric of the realm. The visage of Narvaie, though reborn, bore the weight of a history etched in the somber hues of sacrifice and loss….”
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“…..Narvaie's resurgence from the shadows of war….a void of power that birthed a tempestuous war of succession. The wounds of conflict had barely mended, yet the realm found itself plunged into a vortex of intrigue and ruthless ambition. A cacophony of contenders rose, each vying for the coveted throne of Narvaie, yet none could claim it as their own for long.   Amidst the whispers of discontent, the hallowed seat of power became a cursed prize, drenched in the blood spilled by ruthless usurpers. Murderous shadows danced through the corridors of the kingdom, as the quest for dominion devolved into a macabre ballet of betrayal and regicide. The very air trembled with the echoes of usurpation, where the pursuit of power eclipsed all nobility. As the would-be rulers clashed in their insatiable thirst for authority, the citizens of Narvaie languished in the shadow of neglect. The alleys and hamlets, once teeming with the pulse of life, now bore witness to the rampant disregard for the welfare of the realm's inhabitants. In the desperate struggle for supremacy, the cries of the suffering masses became a mournful backdrop to the ruthless symphony of power struggles.   The throne, a symbol of sovereignty, became a cursed crown that none could wear without…… The cycle of ascent and descent, marked by the short-lived reigns of transient monarchs, perpetuated a relentless turmoil within Narvaie. The very foundation of the kingdom quivered beneath the weight of unchecked ambition…”

The Reformation

1155NE - 2098NE

1,720,083CE - 1,721,026CE

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“….From the crucible of the nation's turmoil, King Thorian Leontius Jurex ascended as the unvanquished sovereign of Narvaie. In the radiant glow of his rule, the focus shifted, like a compass aligning with true north, towards the welfare of his beleaguered people. With unwavering devotion, he embarked on a noble quest to mend the scars etched upon Narvaie, earning the trust of his subjects through deeds rather than mere words.   No adversary dared to challenge the might of King Thorian, for his people stood as a united phalanx, an unyielding bastion bound by loyalty to their monarch. The very mention of his name resonated through the kingdom, a rallying cry that stirred the hearts of his subjects like the heralding call of a triumphant horn.   In the wake of King Thorian's reign, Narvaie found itself cradled in the arms of a true era of peace, a respite from the relentless tempests that had plagued the land for so long. The tapestry of tranquility, woven by the benevolent hand of Thorian, cast a serene aura upon the kingdom. Trade routes, once fraught with peril, now bore the fruits of prosperity as Narvaie's merchants traversed the realms, exchanging goods and culture with neighbouring nations. Diplomacy, once a tangled web of strife, blossomed into a garden of alliances under King Thorian's sagacious gaze. The diplomatic emissaries of Narvaie, guided by the wisdom of their sovereign, forged bonds with distant lands, fostering relations that flourished like blossoms in the burgeoning spring. The once dissonate kingdom became a beacon of cooperation, where the olive branches of diplomacy spread their verdant tendrils across borders….Only time could tell how long this true peace would last….”


Narvaie is a large nation made up of 3 connected mega cities, an Undercity, a makeshift mega city and multiple villages and farms. Warfell is the centre of Narvaie and is comprised of 3 enormous cities built on top of colossal forts called Riven, South Gate and Saylan. South of Warfell is Ashpar Bridge, a strange but heavily layered and compact city built on top of the bridge there. Whilst these settlements are very compact and contain many people, the neighbouring villages are more sparse, the further out the village the less people living within them. As Narvaie is ancient in land and some cases architecture, many aspects of older buildings contain strange secrets and mysteries, their layouts often convoluted and mostly forgotten. Whilst there are many rumours of ancient underground cities, teleportation gates and other such intrigues, as Narvaie suffers from a monster problem both above and below ground many Adventurers and other interested parties have not had the time to thoroughly explore the ancient parts of Narvaie.


The Undercity

Beneath the bustling streets of Warfell lies a mysterious location known only to a select few— the intricate web of tunnels, chambers, and hidden passages that collectively form the Undercity. This Undercity whilst mainly located directly under Warfell extends it’s tunnels far across Narvaie and even into the Deep Tunnels, rumours suggesting that the tunnels where originally dug for Dwarves to invade Narvaie.


The layout is intentionally convoluted, with twists and turns meant to disorient the uninitiated and protect the secrets hidden beneath the surface of Narvaie. It is a labyrinthine network of tunnels, chambers, and hidden passages that are mostly unmapped. A subterranean realm born out of necessity and secrecy, the Undercity has evolved over the centuries, adapting to the changing needs and desires of its inhabitants.



The Undercity is accessed through concealed entrances scattered across Narvaie. These entrances might be hidden behind false walls, within abandoned buildings, or beneath inconspicuous structures, ensuring that only those in the know can find their way in. The main locations are located in Warfell, however known entrances outside the main cities are in Stohen, Athon Hill and Fort Malkam.


Main Thoroughfares

The central tunnels of the Undercity, wide and well-maintained, serve as the main arteries connecting different districts. Dimly lit by magical sources and glowing fungi, these tunnels are bustling with activity, serving as the primary routes for trade and movement.


Black Market Bazaar

An expansive cavern converted into a bustling market where illicit goods are bought and sold. Stalls and makeshift shops line the cavern's walls, offering everything from rare artefacts and magical items to contraband and forbidden knowledge. The Black Market Bazaar is a vast cavern utilised by many, many criminal merchants often living near their stalls. Mysterious merchants, their faces shrouded in shadow, engage in hushed transactions and illegal dealings. The Moonlit Emporium, a hidden gem within this market, beckons those seeking magical artefacts and cursed relics, while the Dust Keep specialises in contraband and illicit substances, its offerings carefully concealed behind arcane symbols, shipped directly from House Carthor. The Bazaar is the largest and most populated part of the Undercity, spanning the length of multiple villages with multilayered floors.


Guild Quarters

Hidden alcoves and chambers serve as the headquarters for various criminal guilds, each occupying a discreet section of the Undercity. The Black Hand, The Guild, and other minor criminal organisations maintain their bases in these well-guarded locations, their entrances often changing with magic. The Guild especially uses teleportation gates to enter their main base, as there is no other way to enter. The Guild HQ is an enormous location located deep underground directly below the Undercity. It is not known how this location was found or chosen for The Guild, but it is so secretive and safe that to this day besides ex-guild members no one has managed to breach it’s walls. Whilst other locations for The Guild such as above Ashpar Bridge are commonly used, all important items are stores in The Guild’s alcove.


Smuggler's Docks

A network of docks along an underground river where smugglers and traders conduct their business. Small boats and makeshift rafts transport illegal goods to and from the Undercity, navigating the subterranean waterways. The subterranean river within the Smuggler's Docks cavern flows silently, providing a means for discreet transportation of illicit goods, often to the assorted ports of Ashpar Bridge. Salvaged ship parts form docks above ground as well as stolen vessels are also stored in the docks. The Old Mariner's Tavern, a hidden establishment, serves as a gathering point for sailors and smugglers, where stories and information are traded like precious commodities.


Ancient Crypts

A vast burial chamber containing the remains of those who sought refuge in the Undercity during previous wars but never found their way back to the surface. Cryptic symbols and ancient murals adorn the walls, hinting at the history and mysteries of Narvaie. The Ancient Crypts below Narvaie are winding and complex, with their true length and layout lost to time. Whilst the entrance and mostly explored areas of the Crypts are considered to be “normal” if not ancient burial sites, many theorise that these crypts may lead to an ancient abandoned underground city, though Adventurers set out to find this rumoured place enter the crypts and never return.


Ravenspire Castle

The castle that the Jurex royal family resides in, Ravenspire has a unique layout, history and structure. Originally a mage tower during the time of the 1000 Year Blood War, Ravenspire was heavily fortified and transformed into a castle, being used as the main location mages resided in during that time. As mages were the most important forces for combating the demonic races the people of that time had to ensure they were well protected. Whilst Ravenspire now acts as a normal royal palace and has been modified and completely re-structured, remnants of it’s once magical inhabitants are rampant, with impossible hallways, magical traps and fortification, strange auras and ancient magical circles seen frequently within.


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