Novanati Reborn

Eissmihm 1, 3000 AS

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Weep not for the lost, for they are safe with me.   There once was a being so powerful and so lonely, it took custody of the creatures time left behind and gave them their own place to live. Discontent with its endless, boring life, the being then created others like it, other deities to rule the land. Now, the Arcana rule this land, along with their Minors and Subordinates, watching over the once-extinct creatures of Novanati.   But all is not well for the Arcana or the creatures of Novanati. War is brewing, in both the physical and celestial plane, which none will be able to escape, so it seems. Their only hope lies in the paws of a young Saber and her friends, in the desperate belief that their differences can be overcome without bloodshed...   Even if that means resorting to drastic measures.

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