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The Islands of West End, Ironically called "Sunny Isles" for their constantly overcast yet sweltering weather, are picturesque and full of lush greenery. On the main island, Elnus, the Seaspire Mountains, a vivid white and blue in conrast with the surrounding jungle green, encapsulate a mysterious crater known to all only as "The Happening". The stories long forgotten, the people of West End hear only vague warnings to keep away... And keep away they do. As their main food sources are fish, nuts, and olives, they have no need to venture near the Seaspire mountains or the mysterious crater within their icy grasp.     However, with so many people coming and going, an increase in crime was inevitable. The capital city gained a reputation for being crime-ridden and dirty. The once glorious city center market, surrounding the great monument colossus which points the way to the Seaspire mountains, had become overrun with thieves and beggars. The main street which was once called "Silversong Street" is now known as "Crooks' Alley". The Tiefling districts have two main streets intersecting which have come to be known as, "Devil's Lane" and "Devil's Alley". The only street name left untouched was the street leading to the capital building: Magpie Lane.


Teiflings, Humans, Gnomes. Islander folks. Mostly tan skin for humans. Most Teiflings are blue or purple. Centaur rumored to live in the mountains


Fish, nuts, olives, and fruits are the largest items for trade. With word spreading that tieflings were in a position of power in Erriston, a mass migration of tieflings came to the islands. While there was, initially, backlash from the local elves, eventually it was no longer spoken of though a deep-seeded resentment lingered. With the arrival of the tieflings came an economic boom. The tieflings brought new and inventive ways of preparing food. The world had never had such exotic and delicious food and thus people came from far and wide to taste it. The land was doing better than it had ever done before. Erriston became a main center of trade amongst the lands.


Some large buildings have been constructed with help from Dwarves from neighboring countries. Most of the settlement is constructed of natural resources on the islands such as bamboo, leaves, and coconut hide.


For centuries the islands of West End were ruled peacefully by a succession of just and kind Elven Kings and Queens. 50 years ago, King Stephan III began his rule from the island, Thedus, which held the capital city, Erriston, as any other king in his line had, peacefully. It didn't take long for that to change as he fell under the influence of a dark wizard named Jarlstrop. After some time, King Stephan made Jarlstrop his royal advisor and the land of West End was plunged into darkness and chaos. Fearing backlash, Jarlstrop convinced the king to fortify Erriston. Large stone walls were built to surround the capital city. Catapults capable of hurling magic projectiles were place strategically around the walls. Placed evenly between each set of catapults were small Scorpio ballista. These defenses were built, not only to keep people out, but to keep people in. With the majority of the wealthy locked tight within the walls of Erriston, the rest of the land sank into squalor and despair; Revolution was building.   The poor, oppressed elven citizens of West End called to the only people they believed would be able to help them: The Tiefling Mages Guild. The guild, seeing an opportunity for advancement into a highly sought after land, agreed to help with terms to be settled after the fact. The guild quickly and quietly overtook Jarlstrop and the King. There being no heirs to the throne, the guild took temporary control and summoned a council of Elven representatives. The debate was long and arduous over who would and should rule West End. In the end, it was decided that a council of Mages, both elven and tiefling, would rule together.

Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
West End
Owning Organization
The Council of Mages

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