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Novae Terra

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Novae Terra , The New World. A period in history where strange phenomenon become the norm. The balance is shifted and the cosmos twisted.   Long ago, technology, magic, and medicine all existed together, given as gifts by the Ancients. But what it could not do is preserve life for eternity. The Philosophers who worked to enhance humanity were split. One knew that it had gone far enough in the search for organic longevity. But another group, led by a wise but plotting scientist was willing to do anything to make it work. His team, the Eternals weaponized a disease that had laid dormant for many centuries. They sought to combine it with a natural panacea to inject longevity into the world. But as all unnatural things go, it backfired. The battles that ensued caused a rift in time and space.   400 years later, the technology, items, people, and places that hadn't been seen for centuries pops up all over the place, throwing off the balance and order of things. It is the job of the Knights of the Knight job to find these items, secure them, and ensure they aren't negatively impacting the world.