The Continuum Corporation

One of the most influential entities on the planet, the Continuum specializes in exploration, intelligence gathering and defense. It is made up of several divisions, including Arcanotech, which specializes in developing magic and technology for the masses, and the Continuum Foundation, which is a non-profit arm that focuses on education and outreach.

  The Continuum has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. Currently led by a rather powerful Vampire named Calliope Bingen, the Continuum has been instrumental in defending Earth against any number of natural and arcane dangers, including the alien incident of 1947. Since then, it has partnered with the governments of Earth to explore space and defend humanity from any aggressors.

  The Continuum has spearheaded Earth's exploration of the solar system. It has established residential colonies on the moon and Mars, and has research stations spread as far as the moons of Neptune. In 2116, the Continuum discovered the door that would eventually lead to Earth's discovery of the organization known as the Galactic Convention, or GalCon. Earth is currently involved in an intense bureaucratic process to be recognized the the GalCon.

  Diplomats and academics might be stationed at the G.A.N.T., the administrative capital of the GalCon, where they observe the process of recognition and network with members of other civilizations. Defense agents back on Earth or one of the colonies defend the Earth's interests from a variety of threats from this dimension and beyond. With their new galactic contacts, the Continuum has acquired a few ships with Faster-Than-Light (FTL) capabilities. Adventurous researchers can find themselves at home on one of these ships, exploring and establishing even further relations with the galaxy. The Continuum continues is mission of exploration while Earth awaits recognition by the Galactic Convention.   Click here to continue to the briefing on the Galactic Convention.
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