Selfaril Uoumdolphin

High Blade

Male human. As the High Blade, Selfaril has long enjoyed a lofty position in Mulmaster. That is not to say that he has not worked hard for his position and his constituents; rather, he has worked hard to maintain the illusion that he is a respectable leader and capable politician. In truth, Selfaril is a man of deep pockets and incredible means; he will not hesitate to lay low his enemies through the use of assassins and magic, and he is quick to heap rewards upon his allies and entourage.   Selfaril was a devout follower of Bane  for many years, but the recent events have caused him to question his faith. He cannot fully extricate himself from that church due to their level of involvement in the daily operations of the city (which is by his own doing).   Though he once had a strong relationship with Rastol Shan  and the Cloaks , in recent weeks he seems to have withdrawn from the mage’s company. The duties and responsibilities of leading Mulmaster have taken precedence, and the often-present Thayan Zulkir Dar’lon Ma counsels the High Blade on the ongoing rebuilding efforts. The High Blade still broadcasts that he is committed to rebuilding this city, but his attentions are spread amongst many projects now and it is not uncommon for graft and bribery to take precedence amongst the Blades now. Thanks to the destruction wrought in the city, his trust in the Cloaks is at an all-time low and he does not hesitate to employ Red Wizards when investigating any Cloak that he deems "dubious" or "strange."

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