Rastol Shan

human male lich, head of Cloaks   Male human lich. Rastol is a man that has seen much during his years in Mulmaster... mostly because he is a lich. As the most senior among the Cloaks of Mulmaster, he commands a significant amount of arcane power and has a small army of mages, wizards, sorcerer, and potent artifacts to back him up.   No one knows that he is undead, or that he is actually Thurndan Tallwand, the senior cloak at the time of Selfaril’s imprisonment over a century ago— even his peers among the Cloaks. He shrouds his true nature in powerful spells, as well as mundane means; heavy purple robes, an ornate mithral mask, and cloying perfumes.   His true motives are unknown to all but him, but outwardly he seems focused on the protection of Mulmaster and of magic itself; in recent weeks, though, he has had a curious and strained relationship with Zulkir Dar’lon Ma, a visiting dignitary from the Thayan Plateau far to the south. While he appears to accept many of the Zulkir’s views and decisions, those that know him can easily identify that he is uncomfortable doing so.   Unbeknownst to the population of Mulmaster (including the High Blade) the Senior Cloak of Mulmaster, Rastol Shan, is a lich. He also has a deeper secret, his true identity is that of Thurdan Tallwand, the serving senior cloak during the rule (and subsequent fall) of Rassendyll Uoumdolphin. To facilitate his deception, Rastol is never seen without his most distinguishing feature, an elaborate, mithral mask. The long, white hair he wore in life is only slightly thinner in death, and spells and heavy perfume mask features remain that would betray his true nature. He is a cold, calculating man who supports the Blades in their dealings on the surface, but that loyalty would dissolve in an instant were he able to find a chink in their armor and assume control of the city for himself. While he is unaware of the cult's presence in the city (for now), he may view them as a means to take control of Mulmaster.   In 1375 DR, Thurndan conspired with Rassendyll to usurp Selfaril Uoumdolphin's rule, thinking Rassendyll a more tractable ruler than his twin brother. Thurndan magically imprisoned Selfaril in a soulgem in the pommel of his sword.   In time, Thurndan came to regret his deed and tried to made amends. In the years since, he became a lich and always remained as the head of the Cloak using various aliases. In 1491 DR, he was known as Rastol Shan. In that year, Thurndan and the Sword of Selfaril resurfaced in the Earthspur Mountains. He disliked the then-current High Blade Jaseen Drakehorn and decided to take the blade and finally free Selfaril. With the help of some adventurers, Thurndan gained possession of the blade and resurrected the former High Blade.   Personality   Thurndan had betrayed Selfaril for what he thought was the good of his city, but he was mistaken. Under Rassendyll and successive High Blades, the Church of Bane became step by step more powerful. In 1491 DR, they put limits on the Cloaks' powers and this motivated Thurndan to act.  

Roleplaying Rastol Shan

  Rastol Shan has been masquerading for decades and is experienced at passing himself off as human. Putting him off his game is virtually impossible, given his magical preparations and gift for dissembling. Rastol Shan has masked his undead nature using Nystul’s magic aura. Any spells or magical effects (such as the paladin’s divine sense class feature) that detect creature types or alignments reveal that he is a lawful neutral humanoid. This spell has been made permanent, but he also maintains a contingency that will re-apply the aura if it is ever dispelled. Despite his disguises, however, Shan is still subject to spells or abilities that affect undead, such as turn undead. As the Blades and city guard are justifiably preoccupied with the reconstruction of the city, Rastol has found himself in the unenviable position of guiding the protection of Mulmaster. The Thayans, long content to sit back and work from the shadows in the city, presented the old Cloak with an opportunity he could not refuse: the Red Wizards would provide guard services as well as raw labor for the reconstruction and in return simply ask that their trade convoys be allowed through the gates unrestricted. Rastol had little option but to agree. Rastol Shan keeps neither his spellbook nor his phylactery on his person. He has told no one of his current status as a lich, though at the DM’s discretion Zulkir Dar’lon Ma may have arrived at this conclusion already. QUOTE: “This is the part where I speak and you listen.”

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Lawful Evil
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Биологический пол
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Known Languages
Chessentan, Common, Damaran, Draconic, Giant


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