Emperor Crush

The current Crush is the largest Orc Clan Crushbone has ever produced. He's possibly the largest Orc to ever live. Despite his brutish physical, he is more intelligent than most of his predecessors, and more cautious. While he does want to destroy the Elves and their cities, he is smart enough to realize that the same canyon and river protecting them from attack also protects him. Crush is willing to sacrifice his warriors to attain victory, but he has no intention of throwing them away needlessly. Instead, he plots and plans, seeking ways to weaken the Elves and their allies, ways to strengthen his city and his clan, and ways to attack the Elves when they least expect it.   To his Orcs, Crush is a surprisingly good ruler; he pays attention to what is happening in the clan and settles disputes quickly, if perhaps somewhat harshly, for he prefers to let each Orc handle his own problems. Crush is not terribly interested in money for its own sake, although he does stockpile the clan's wealth, keeping an eye out in particular for good weapons and other items the clan can use in battle.
Current Location
Year of Birth
5365 AN 35 Years old
Aligned Organization


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