Along with Giants, Goblins, and Ogres, orcs are one of the races created by Rallos Zek to serve in his armies and to conquer all the other races of Norrath. The orcs of that era were mighty warriors and many developed innate magic talents, learning to expand their power in are academies. They built great empires and citadels as they spread their rule through might across many lands. Yet, when the armies of Rallos Zek turned on the other gods, the orcs were struck down by the wrath of those gods. The orcs were driven from their cities and stripped of their knowledge and civilization. In a single day, the orcs were forced into primitive barbarism to ensure they would never again be a threat to the favored races of the gods they had dared to oppose.   Orcs are now divided into many different clans, each of which traces its lineage back to one of the legions of Rallos Zek. Each clan has slightly different physical traits and social organization, but some generalities can be made about them. Orcs are cruel, giving very little thought to the needs or feelings of any creature other than themselves. They believe they are superior to all other races, even those that made up the rest of Rallos Zek's armies. All orcs are aggressive and place great emphasis on personal combat skill. They also respect strength, and most orc leaders hold their positions only as long as they are able to prove themselves tougher than any of their underlings. Orcs are born fighters, and their societies are based on expanding their holdings through force. All orcs learn to fight as a group from an early age, but they also strive to become skilled solo combatants. An orc's station is determined almost exclusively by his ability to kill the foes of his clan, and even are shamans (known as oracles) must prove their ability to kill to earn any respect.   Physically, orcs are thick and heavyset, with powerful muscles. Most stand between 6 and 6 1/2 feet tall and weigh around 300 pounds, though some orcs can be notably larger. They are barrel-chested with tough, dark skin of various colors and large, powerful hands. Most orcs are born with a natural aptitude for weapons and carry the best arms and armor they can find, but the quality of their gear varies widely depending on the skill of the individual orc and the wealth of his clan.   Though they no longer rule vast empires, the orcs have fought and clawed their way back to prominence in many areas. They are naturally driven to military maneuvers, and some still show signs of the innate magical powers they once possessed. Their history teaches them most of the lands other races claim are rightfully are lands, and that Rallos Zek himself wants the orcs to reclaim their old glory.   All orcs speak orcish. Many also learn one or two languages of their most common enemies, such as Elvish or the Common tongue.  


There once was many clans spread out across Norrath. However, after being cursed at the end of the Age of Monuments, the clans began warring and absorbing each other. Now, only three clans remain: Clan Crushbone on Faydwer, Clan Deathfist on Antonica, and Clan Ry'gorr on Velious.  


When fighting as a group, orcs are similar to wolves, working to draw out an enemy by engaging with just a few troopers, then attacking their foes' flanks and rear. Orc spellcasters do not stay back and cast from safety, instead charging into combat as viciously as any are warrior. An orc fighting by itself strives to take down the most powerful enemy it can find, trying to use brute strength and weapon skill to kill a target in a direct battle, rather than using guile or stealth.


40 years
Average Height
6 feet
Average Weight
300 lbs
Geographic Distribution


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