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Stirna's Decree

"Be at peace, children, for I am in part your creator. I am Stirna, who watches from the stars. I molded this earth for your mother, and she flourished this soil with her life. You are both part of her, and something entirely new at the same time. Her great powers have been spread amongst you.   You shall become divine creators, and mold life itself to your wills. Your purpose is clear, spread life throughout Nora, and foster growth. Just as you and your brethren have risen from the blood of Nora, so shall you raise others in your own image. I give two children of my own to join you on this task and so that I may have may last hand in her affairs.   Artur and Elanaah, this world is both a gift and the soul itself of your mother. Do not waste it. I vow here to never return lest you do.    Far above you, I shall always be watching. "   - Stirna addressing Artur and Elanaah, on his final journey to the surface of Nora
    Stirna, Primordial of the Stars, visited the surface of Nora since his partner gave her life to it. He had been watching the fledgling gods intently as they took their first steps into the world. He had been worried that they would mar the world and reduce the beauty that Nora had flourished within it. Just as in his work in the stars above, he wanted everything to be beautiful, but more importantly he valued the work that he and Nora had created together. He watched as the four major deities stumbled with their newfound powers and struggled to figure out their purpose, and knew that he had to intervene.    After approaching the two gods that had joined together, Artur and Elanaah, they feared that their short lives were already at an end. He soothed them with his voice before laying out his instructions on what their true purpose would be. Not only would this match Nora's desire for the world, it also strengthened the bond he had with his partner beyond her death. Stirna begat two deities of his own creation, Sturn and Firna, man and wyrm, to be the split of his character. Whereas Sturn would be the part of him who desired to walk with Nora on her world, Firna would remain his strength and intelligence in the skies above.    Stirna's decree set forward the very structure of life on Nora going forward. The gods followed it as well as they could and proceeded to create all manner of life on the surface. Many regard it as the most inspiring words to be issued due to the impact they had on the world. However, many live in fear of the vow he made, fearing that he may one day return to Nora displeased with how the Risen have treated it, and punish them all.
Decree, Religious


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