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Age of Hero's Peace

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Born from the fruits and labors of the Primordials, the world of Nora has swung many times through the pendulum of fate. The gods of this age inherited it from their creators and the mortal races inherited it from them. Civilizations have risen and fallen across the world which has left few corners untouched and unexplored.
Recently, the gods have become distant from the world, and leave their power within the hands of their devout followers. The Risen races feud amongst each other over borders and resources, and many have turned outside their own scopes and set their sights on the realm of the fae.   Many nations launch shadow campaigns to raise their influence or attempt personal ascension into godhood. Dark powers creep from far corners and depths of the world to claim their own champions and challenge the nature of the world.   Where do you stand in the strands of fate?
The mapped entirety of the world to the extent of cartographer's knowledge.