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Ehlen, Risen of Beauty and Finesse

Ehlen were the second Risen to walk the earth of Nora. Unlike the humans created by her husband to spread their influence throughout the world, the Ehlen were created to be a model of sophistication and beauty, mirroring the image of Elanaah who created them. She was fascinated by the Realm of the Fae when she visited and modeled her aesthetics after them. This decision reflected in the Ehlen and the lifestyles and locations they decided to live.   Ehlen are tall and long lived compared to humans, often reaching two to three hundred years in their elderly age. They have long ears that stand off from their heads and long, refined features, almost avian in their appearance. They dress elegantly, often in fine silks and silver chainmail, even the men wearing skirts or battledresses. While most have blonde hair to match their creator, interracial mixing throughout the years have led to many variations in appearance.   Throughout history, Ehlen have worked to remain abstinent from worldly conflicts and wars. They preferred to focus on themselves and keep their external affairs to a minimum. The Ehlen were a solitary race and this reflected in their presence on Nora. They reside in the forests surrounding the Worldspine where they have made their home in great cities hidden amongst the trees and the base of the mountains.   Currently, Ehlen continue to maintain their solitude. Though their borders have opened to a majority of visitors, outsiders are often viewed and treated with a strong prejudice, and the Ehlen are swift to punish those who violate their rules and regulations.  
  Ehlen are a prime example of pride and sophistication. They work to exemplify elegance and nobility in everything they do, and act accordingly. Their language carries their sophistication and often think heavily and act in a way to present themselves to the highest standards. The pride of the Ehlen is reflected in all of their personalities as they look down on other races and regard themselves as being of a higher status. While they tend to show a kindness to others, they will often do so in a manner of pity, and work to keep themselves on top rung of social status. Ehlen will often try to have the last word in a conversation, usually spent to show their wit or make a final comment to establish themselves further.   They value themselves above all others, and this shows in their behavior, though they do have a soft spot for attention and flattery. They will work hard to meet their goals, but will almost never take a step that would demean themselves or their reputation.  
  The Ehlen live in a primarily matriarchal society with a strong focus on self and family. As they tend to give their all to empowering and establishing themselves as individuals, one of the many ways to accomplish this is through a strong and prosperous lineage. A child who loses their way or follows a dark path will often mar the family and the parents will be blamed for such. A strong focus is placed on the mother as Elanaah herself was feminine.   Everything is a matter of elegance. Their cities and architecture is often comprised of grand arches and intricate carved stonework and often incorporate a natural element such as fountains or gardens. While obviously made by Risen, the features and architecture never look out of place from their surroundings.   Ehlen culture also has it's roots in the arts, particularly opera and the theatre. The performing arts are often viewed as the heights of elegance and sophistication, particularly the Ehlish operas, which are regarded among viewers as some of the greatest performances to be witneseed in a lifetime. They also are well renowned painters and jewelry makers, which are highly sought after as chief exports of their people.


Author's Notes

In-Game Mechanics   Pride and Grace

  • Ehlen gain advantage on ability checks related to etiquette and foreign diplomacy unless the individual(s) testing are Dahlen
  • Ehlen are strict in their movement and treat all non-magickal difficult terrain as open
  • Ehlen gain advantage on ability checks related to memory and recalling information
Connection with the Fae Realm
  • Ehlen start with two points in Agility and Wits
  • Ehlen gain advantage on ability checks related to diplomacy with Fae and Magickal Beasts
  • Ehlen gain resistance to charm effects

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